Author Topic: George Money of Ampthill, Beds born 1839 starts using last name Stapleton?  (Read 195 times)

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Hi, I'm hoping someone can help.

I've been researching someone distant on my family tree (cousin of a many times great grandparent) and stumbled across something odd.

George Money, born 1839 marries Susan Stapleton, born 1841 both of Ampthill Bedfordshire marry in the town in 1860.

I think George has a bit of trouble with the law in 1857, however there are two George Money's with fathers named Thomas born in the town at similar times (April 1838 and 'mine' in April 1839 thankfully distginahable by fathers profressions) so it's hard to ascertain which one got himself into a spot of bother:

George and Susan Money appear living in Ampthill in 1861 and 1871, and by 1881 they move with their children to Hasland, Derbyshire near Chesterfield and have three children there in addition to their children born in Ampthill. (census record: Piece 3434 Folio 96 Page number 14)

In 1891 George and Susan have moved again and are living with their three youngest children in Glamorgan, Wales (parish = Ystradyfodwg, census reference Piece 4429 Folio 79 Page number 46) as George and Susannah STAPLETON. George passes away, and Susan stays in Wales living as Susan Stapleton in 1901 (census reference = Household schedule number 115 Piece 5001 Folio 70 Page number 22) and then returns to Ampthill by 1911 to live as Susan Money though her children seem to have settled in Wales. Their children seem to adopt and keep the Stapleton name by 1881. The eldest child, Harry was born in 1860 and the youngest Thomas was born in Derbyshire in 1882 before the big move and name change meaning Harry was likely older than 22 when he changed his name.

I've looked on the British newspaper archives to see if i can find why the family appear to have just upped and moved to a different country and change their name to the wife's maiden name but i'm struggling to find any indicators. I know work drove people to re-locate but the name change makes me wonder if there is more to it, if it was a language-thing or if theres a skeleton somewhere! Is anyone else able to spot something i've missed or point me in the direction of any other useful sources? I'm very intrigued!

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Re: George Money of Ampthill, Beds born 1839 starts using last name Stapleton?
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I don't think I can help much.

This is a play on words I know, but the link you provided comes up with a George Miney aged 19 in 1857.

He serves 20 days in  the Debtors cells, Bedford County gaol for a debt of 1.8.7

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