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Re: Diary - Sunday 21st June
« Reply #18 on: Tuesday 23 June 20 13:13 BST (UK) »
RTL What a thing  >:(  that your bus didn't stop!  The only good note was that you were not actually trying to start or finish a shift.  Hopefully with the 2 metre rule being relaxed it won't happen again, though I trust you will continue to distance where it seems appropriate, and where you can.  I feel so grateful I don't need to be using public transport at present.  Perhaps you get some support from reading the posts, even though you often don't have time to reply.

Gibel & Louisa Maud It must have been awful to be going through lockdown alone, while enduring pain/disease.  Thankfully we do have so many avenues of contact now, but I do realise that is not the same as having another individual around.

It is true to say Caroline that our own circumstances are considerably easier than that of many other people, but it is not reasonable to expect to maintain an entirely cheerful attitude 100% of the time.  Inevitably we all have triggers which cause us to have the odd blip in our composure; we would not be human otherwise.  So please don't feel guilty.  Apart from anything else, the sewing work you continue to do is heroic and has made a tremendous difference to masses of people.  You should be hugely proud of that.

I have to start sending out messages right, left and centre to mitigate the shoddy work of the painting contractors.  I got a phone call of complaint whilst I was using the vacuum cleaner. Then I stepped out of the front door and was waylaid by another resident who has a long list of complaints, and coming back in I found the cherry picker was attached to our balcony and could not be moved.... looks like 2 extra for tea this evening!!

No peace for the wicked.

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