Author Topic: Diary - Monday 22nd June  (Read 1681 times)

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Re: Diary - Monday 22nd June
« Reply #36 on: Thursday 25 June 20 16:28 BST (UK) »
Well ,washer working perfectly,just wish the man who came had pushed it back to the position it was in rather than leaving it to where it waltzed to!
I like things square!

Well four thirty almost, afternoon tea over.
Shared with next door neighbour and  she always likes to give me something back even though I say it is not necessary.
Well let’s have a competition ( I think perhaps ladies only ::))need reply .
Guess what she gave me, ?

Problems , Tesco had substituted pink salmon for red, junk!
Double cream went into butter almost straight away. Chucked that out !
Found out neighbour does not like wholemeal bread!
So, another neighbour who put a note thorough the door re shopping etc said she would go for me as she has to move her car out to put dustbins back .
It is literally two minutes up the road so she got all I wanted.
I am now distributing cake and cream as otherwise I will eat it!
But it is nice, however Hartley’s
Black Cherry jam is just sickly sweet, no tart fruitiness like there used to be!
Hope those who participated enjoyed it, what daft thing did you do?
I knew what I was going to do but it really was so hot ,I will do it later, and
that is make sand pies in GGrandson’s sand box ,decorated with flowers etc.
It is years since I did that, must be two at least!