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Diary - Saturday 27th June
« on: Sunday 28 June 20 01:06 BST (UK) »
Well another day has passed by and the month will soon be over....
what are the next few months going to hold in store for us all I wonder...
Most people have been fairly sensible... however the younger members of our society don't seem to think it's much of a problem gathering in their large numbers in close proximity to one another and partying, rioting, demonstrating,and generally just doing exactly what they want clearly with no regard  for anyone's not going to touch them ... they're fed up with having to stay close by...
It worries me and I know a great many others here on RC... we're the ones taking precautions to make sure us and ours are as safe as we can be...
Will this all cause another spike... what about when people travel abroad or even in this country. ...
I feel like standing on the roof top and shouting at the top of my voice...

Today's diary

Awoken in the early hours by the rain... it didn't seem to last for very long though...
Not much to get up for it was dull looking and a bit chillier than yesterday for sure...
After breakfast decided to catch up with Yogalates teacher on her Zoom class...all organised... there were just two of us! After about 10 mins she disappeared off the screen ... then returned... then few minutes later the screen froze and that was it! She messaged with an apology she wasn't sure what had happened! ... so that was the end of that.... having got myself organised for a good hours exercise... Had a coffee instead
Rain coming down quite heavily now and windy... didn't look to see if the Internet was still playing up as I knew I'd explode if it was...
Had a game of scrabble and I won by 1 point.. only one game behind now 🙂
Had lunch... still raining..
OH was engrossed in his jigsaw so thought I'd make a start on the next lot of face coverings...
Enjoyed the afternoon sewing and listening to the radio... trouble is when you listen most days it's surprising how many programmes are repeated!
Messaged daughter to say I'd not got to the PO today will go on Monday... she informed me they'd been giving the house a good clean... statrted at 9.30 this morning and by 5.25 they were still at it.... boys had a nice day lego building. They're going to Kew tomorrow.... they've got family membership as they only live about 15 mins away... we love going there with them it's a wonderful, place all year round. Last year when the Chihuly exerbition was there the boys gave us their very own guided tour as they go often and knew it all inside out!
I digress... not much to say today really
Late dinner of steak and salad...
Watched some tv... The Salisbury Poisonings ... recreatedwell with quite a few facts we didn't know... not sure if they were embellished or not... got last episode to watch tomorrow.
That's it for today... most uneventful... probably down to the weather... it did clear up by the time we'd finished dinner but still quite windy...
Hope others have had a better day...

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Re: Diary - Saturday 27th June
« Reply #1 on: Sunday 28 June 20 11:38 BST (UK) »
T'internet can be hugely frustrating.... what a shame the zoom thing didn't work Caroline!!
Well done catching up with Scrabble.  I don't like losing, but I hate to be that competitive....  :-[

After witnessing gatherings on Friday in the park I do so agree with your thoughts, but now that I understand the Spanish Flu is still flying around and everyone is susceptible to it, I am trying to worry less about current issues, while still keeping out the way as far as possible.

I woke several times in the night due to heavy rain and howling winds. We are on the first floor, and I dread to think how it sounds up on the 3rd floor.
No point in rushing around as a morning walk is not a pleasant prospect, although, H bought me a beast of an umbrella for my birthday, and I will be happy to test its efficiency.  I think it would fell a man with one blow, so on a day when rain and high winds are forecast it will be worth carrying around.
After lunch it seemed the sky might be clearing so we walked along the esplanade past the pier.  A number of caravans are parked on the green. Not sure if they are Travellers, or holiday makers who have pitched there as the caravan parks are not re opened yet.  Returned to our flat keeping out of the way as far as possible.  No rain.
More rain during the afternoon so I sewed some face coverings while listening to radio 4. Some really engrossing programmes.
Another walk along Goodrington prom after tea. Hardly anyone out is it was rather grey and windy. Some nutter had lit a bonfire which was causing masses of smoke.  A fire engine turned up, but the fire was still going on our return and the fire engine gone.   A light shower started as we reached the end of the prom and turned back for home.  The rain was quite heavy by the time we trudged up the steep cliff path, but of course I didn't have the umbrella that time.  :(
Watched Young Montalbano on TV.
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Re: Diary - Saturday 27th June
« Reply #2 on: Sunday 28 June 20 12:17 BST (UK) »
I've asked Trystan to merge my erroneously headed Diary (Sunday 28th June!) to Caroline's correctly headed Saturday 27th June.  :-[ What can I say - it was Sunday when I wrote it!  ;D

Caroline, you have seen in my diary entry that I shared your feelings of unrest on Saturday. You've summed it up exactly in that many people are being selfish and despite those at risk taking all necessary precautions these people are putting everyone at greater risk. Even if the at risk people don't mix with those behaving badly, the latter group are raising the possibility of spreading the virus further into the wider population. It's the "I'm alright Jack" attitude that infuriates me.

Anyway, well done on the scrabble progress, you'll soon be champion! I've been to Kew several times but only to visit the National Archives, would love to see the gardens some time.

Mowsehowse, sounds like you got the heavy rain first and it then progressed north. We also had a lot of possible travellers or holidaymakers by the sea, spotted them the other day when it was still hot. There were a number of camper vans so maybe it was just people passing through.
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