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Re: John SEVERN (x2) Greasley, Nottinghamshire
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Thanks so much for trying. Seems it's just the same that side of the border as it is in Derbyshire!
Sending you a PM

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Re: John SEVERN (x2) Greasley, Nottinghamshire
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Wonder if the PM was sent to me in error??

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Just heard from another source that the John married to Harriet Chambers was the son of Joseph Severn and Frances Reeve. Not sure whether that would clarify the relationship of this Joseph to the father of the John Severn who married Mary Winterbottom.

Cheers Alan

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« Sent to: larkspur on: Friday 03 July 20 09:48 BST (UK) »
You may remember we communicated a few years back (about the Chambers family if memory serves me right). I have currently involved myself in unpicking the vortex of South Normanton - particularly the Ball family. This started out with the seemingly simple question: "My grandparents were both called Ball before they were married. Were they related?"
One limb of that led to a John William Darrington who was born in the Basford Union Workhouse in 1871. When looking at his wife's mother, her name was Eliza Severn, born in Somercoates. However her father, John Severn (married Harriet Chambers who came from Kimberley) was born in Greasley about 1825. Now I also found a John Severn (who married Mary Winterbottom) was born in Greasley in 1824. One of their grandsons - Joseph married Elsie Naylor (definitely in my family) in 1910.
The question is were the two John Severns related. Given that Greasley is not a huge metropolis, I would expect them to be at least cousins and possibly first cousins.
I'm aiming to put this question to the Nottm Rootschat forum but I did see your post from February 2019 about Mary Severn which mentioned earlier John Severns.
If of interest, the following is a link to the first rough draft of the current project. It is incomplete (probably another four weeks work) but hopefully it conjures up with morass which was South Normanton!
I trust the current lockdown, isolation and deprivation has not been too irksome for you. At least it has given me much free time to fill with musings of this nature.
Kind regards - Alan
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