Author Topic: Diary - Thursday, 9 July 2020  (Read 733 times)

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Diary - Thursday, 9 July 2020
« on: Thursday 09 July 20 21:30 BST (UK) »
Gosh! - second night in a row with  me starting first ..

Well, I had my hair appointment this morning.  It was a bit of a change from yesterday as there were four clients in including me.  All of us had brought masks and we kept spaced apart.  There were masks to buy too if people wanted them. When you got up off a chair this was thoroughly cleaned.  The assistant was working today and they were both wearing their ordinary clothes (no sign of overalls today) but both had full face visors on. 

If you are planning to have your hair cut when you go tomorrow Caroline I have a tip for you.  Hold tight to your face mask when the hairdresser is cutting your hair.  Initially I didn't and the hair dropped inside my mask.  Then with breathing I managed to blow this up into my eyes which wasn't very good.  After that I held the mask firmly against my face.  The price was quite a bit hiked up from the last time I had this done but I suppose they have to factor in  the additional costs of ppe and cleaning products.  My hair feels so much lighter now. 

Oh that's a shame Caroline that I won't be seeing any of your quilts on my thread as you don't have these anymore.  Did you manage to have a look at the thread?  Mowsehowse very kindly put some of her miniature quilts on following my request a good while back.

My hairdresser also let me put a photo of quilt of hers up on there.  I asked today if she had made another quilt during lockdown.  She said she hadn't made a quilt but had made a wall hanger decoration.  I asked if I could take a photo of that and she said yes to this and to my putting this up on my thread.  Sister in law's sister has also now given me permission to put her quilt progress up.  I think I might as well add my quilt top too for good measure.   All to be added soon hopefully.   I have been taking out some more of the paper templates tonight.  Quite a monotonous job and it has nearly sent me to sleep.

I will look forward to reading your account of your trip to the hairdressers tomorrow.

Added I have tried but haven't been able to get the photos of my sister in laws sister's quilt on my quilt thread.  Only the hairdressers photo of her work and my quilt top.
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Re: Diary - Thursday, 9 July 2020
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 09 July 20 22:32 BST (UK) »
Late to bed last night and consequently late to get up today so not a lot accomplished this morning.  Hot brushed my hair as meeting up with friends Mary, Julie and my sister Jane as it was Mary's birthday.   When we arrived around 3pm it was overcast but dry so we initially sat in the garden with afternoon tea set up on the patio (see photo).    However, the rain soon arrived and we had to move into Mary's dining room (suitably distanced).   Dainty sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, then chocolate birthday cake (which had been made by Julie).   Then my sister and Julie retrieved Marys present from the boot of the car.    Mary absolutely loved the bird bath as well as the Japanese Maple and pot.

Got home around 7pm and was greeted by a neighbour who'd taken in an item I'd had delivered by Hermes. Had given them his address as I knew I wouldn't there.

Did some jigsaw, watched some TV and now Rootschatting and think I should endeavour to get to bed earlier tonight.

Although we got some rain mid afternoon until early evening it was not the all day deluge which had been predicted by Met.Office.

Hope you've had a good day in spite of the weather.  Night night!


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Re: Diary - Thursday, 9 July 2020
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 09 July 20 22:52 BST (UK) »
I wish I had been there Annette - that cream tea is making me feel very hungry.

I am glad Mary loved her presents. It sounds like a great day in spite of the weather.  We had the sun out where I live until late afternoon.  No rain as yet.
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Re: Diary - Thursday, 9 July 2020
« Reply #3 on: Thursday 09 July 20 23:19 BST (UK) »
Sorry, I didn't manage to keep up with everyone's posts about accidents and major health problems, would just like to say I'm pleased to hear that everyone is well now.

RTL - glad you're pleased with your hairdo, it all sounds very strange at the moment but I suppose everyone will get used to it. I'll be having a look at your quilting thread tomorrow.

Annette - what a lovely spread for Mary's birthday do, great to hear that she loved her presents, I'm sure they'll give her lots of pleasure, particularly knowing how much thought you have put into them.

Diary (not very uplifting I'm afraid):

Heavy rain late last night and during the night. Couldn't be bothered getting up this morning, just drank tea,  read my book, also electronic magazines while I can access them free. Eventually dragged myself up.

Off for my walk, it was pleasant enough by the time I went out. Walked around the usual area, there's also a small area of the field that has some goal posts and leads to some allotments at the other end, walked around the perimeter of that for a change, then a few circuits of the main field and woodland path then home.

I'd been wondering what had happened to the expanding trellises I'd sent for, had a look at my emails, it's a week since I ordered them and the Hermes tracking information seemed to indicate that they hadn't yet been sent. Looked at the item on the website, it's now showing a possible delivery date of mid August. I'm pretty sure that wasn't there when I ordered them, I wouldn't have done so if it had indicated a six week wait for delivery. Contacted the seller who replied immediately and said Sorry dates were always shown on all listings they will arrive early though. After some further correspondence I was basically fobbed off by the seller and when I replied again I got an Out of Office response. If they don't arrive in the next few days I'll put in an official request for a refund but the attitude of this seller did nothing to enhance my already low mood.

After lunch I decided to go to the nurseries for a change of scenery and see what they have that I might want to buy. I was thinking of buying one of those large fan shaped fern type exotic plants but they were nearly thirty quid which is a lot of money for one plant. Also had a look at the containers, thought of buying another to match my blue ones but didn't in the event. Bought a couple of perennials and two trays of marigolds that were in bud. Enjoyed having a wander around there anyway, there weren't many people there.

Back home I planted the marigolds in a large pot and a couple in the garden, put the perennials in the garden. Nice and peaceful out there. I'd read in one of the online gardening magazines that you can train a passionflower plant along the fence by putting galvanised wire for it to grow along. Thought it might stop it taking over the rest of the garden and strangling everything in its path so hammered some nails into the fence (nice neighbour side) and put the wire on. All was quiet until I heard NN and her daughter out admiring her garden. I'd been out there for quite a while anyway by then so came inside.

Read the news that gyms and beauty salons will be able to open later this month. I know I should be pleased about this but if I'm quite honest it just makes me feel depressed. I don't know when I'll go back to the gym, it's not something I want to do by appointment, I've always just gone on the spur of the moment. There will inevitably be people there who are puffing and panting but as I understand it people won't be asked to wear a mask, I don't get that. There are so many surfaces that I'd normally touch - the locker where I leave my valuables, the toilet and hand washing facilities, the bannister and door handle, and also of course all of the equipment. No thanks.

Something else I don't understand - my window cleaner told me that they are now allowed to work in pairs as a plastic screen has been put between the seats in the van, but yesterday I saw a neighbour's daughter being picked up for her driving lesson. The driving instructor wouldn't be sitting in the back, so how does this all work? There seem to be so many contradictions. 

Maybe it's just my mood today but I'm finding this all horribly depressing again. Sorry, hope to be more upbeat tomorrow.

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Re: Diary - Thursday, 9 July 2020
« Reply #4 on: Friday 10 July 20 00:09 BST (UK) »
My everyone has been busy with their posts!

RTL - I'd love to look at your quilt thread but not sure how I can find it.... can you put a link so I can have a look please...
Thanks for the info about the hairdressers regarding face coverings... I'd never have thought about that but will certainly take your advice and report back tomorrow.

Annette - that tea time doread looked very mouth watering and so glad you were able to go and you didn't get wet and great that your friend was pleased with her presents, I love to see people reactions when opening gifts... always hoping they're good ones of course!

Roobarb - that's a shame about your trellis and naughty of them not to keep you fully informed... nice to get out to the garden centre, you're obviously a keen gardner too so it makes it even more pleasurable.
All these new guidelines that are coming out with new places opening up are making life quite confusing... I can certainly understand your reluctance about going to the gym... when you've got to book in advance it takes all the spontaneity out of life and I've never been a planner so I'd find that hard to cope with... hope you feel better in yourself tomorrow, the weather doesn't help ones mood either... it's supposed to ve improving by the w/end 🤞🤞

My day... not very uplifting either!

Had a dreadful nights sleep, read for ages turned out the light then wide awake again... could hear the rain .. good for the garden..
OH off to golf this morning, read for a while once up did some paperwork, phoned a couple of friends I'd not spoken to for a while and we compared notes on how we were feeling, coping, families, weather etc...
Weather today Grey and dull... not very uplifting for ones mood...
Put away all the shopping that had been isolating in the garage..
Decided I'd make a start on the 5 xlarge tops... they are big! I can wrap one piece around myself ... the seams take for ever to sew! Pretty pink and white fabric but enjoyed doing them..
Neighbour came round with shopping and more jigsaws! We discussed face coverings as they're off in their caravan on Saturday to Ludlow for a week.. said I'd give her the patterns, elastic and pipe cleaner if she wanted so off she went and about half hour later got a picture of her efforts!
OH home and quite chipper... had a great round so not giving up this week! He got pretty wet so clubs now all lined up in the garage drying..
daughter messaged to suggest we meet up at a NT place next weekend somewhere half way... that would be nice so left her to sort out..
Made chicken curry with rice and all the bits to go with it.
Watched new programme called Mrs America with Cate Blancett based on true events in early 1970's when they're fighting for equal rights for women! Lovely 70's music to go with it... also programme about the River Avon which was interesting...
That's it for today... uneventful, wet and dreary... rained most of the day... what more could you ask for... quite depressing!

Good to hear others more cheerful and had good day...
I'll let you know about my hairdressing experience tomorrow!

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Re: Diary - Thursday, 9 July 2020
« Reply #5 on: Friday 10 July 20 06:54 BST (UK) »
Just quick now ..

Sorry, yes I should have added the link for the thread 'All Things Quilts'.  Here it is:
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Re: Diary - Thursday, 9 July 2020
« Reply #6 on: Friday 10 July 20 08:48 BST (UK) »
Quickly as I am off to get good bread...
It was raining when I woke but my plan was to do the weekly grocery shop early, so we leapt into action and were at the supermarket for 09:00 and were feeling a bit smug until we met friends already finished and on their way home.  The trip turned out slightly more exciting than expected, as my downstairs neighbour requested I might pick up a whole salmon for her if there was one.  I had never wrestled a whole salmon before.....ummm, not in a hurry to do it again, despite my neighbour is correct that it's a vastly less expensive way to buy salmon, considering she got 19 fillets out of it.On our return from the supermarket we got caught at some traffic lights, with no-one else in sight, but as we sat there a goldfinch alighted about a metre from the car window, and just sat there looking at me.  Such a pretty little bird, but what a pity I didn't have my camera with me. 
By 10:30 when the shopping was all packed away, and I had bleached the kitchen work surfaces, we were wondering how to spend the rest of the day.I had a mug of coffee while searching for a few critical genealogy dates, and then phoned a friend, whom we learned had suffered a stroke recently.  She says she is physically well, but finding her brain a little muddled and losing words.  Mind you, I am the same and I don't have reasons. We made her promise to give us a call if she wanted any help, as her family who have been staying with her will be going back this weekend.After lunch we drove over to Torquay, walked along beside the water culvert, past the Spanish Barn, through the Abbey gardens, which were looking very lovely, all the beds having been sown with wild flower seed in an informal way this year, and then along the waterfront.  Torquay is gearing up for some summer trade now and the Carousel has returned, along with a Big Wheel which was under construction.
It turned into a sunny evening which made our evening walk quite pleasant, and initially we were surprised how quiet it was, but then suddenly there were lots of people everywhere, and we had to dodge dogs and runners and bikes and scooters.  We have two cruise ships at anchor in the Bay again, and everything seemed calm and pleasing until we passed an ambulance parked on the promenade, and realised the crew were giving treatment to someone along the path, but the patient was sitting up, so hopefully nothing too disastrous had happened. 
Watched "Talking Heads" on TV.
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Re: Diary - Thursday, 9 July 2020
« Reply #7 on: Friday 10 July 20 10:12 BST (UK) »
You do live in a lovely part of the country that we have visited, at Teignmouth where my brother lives if the weather is bad the boats/ships come in and anchor for a safe haven, he can see them from the lounge window, he can see Shaldon from where he is, the bridge across to Shaldon sings if it is very windy, quite strange really, I have said sings but I am sure someone will put the right word on it.

I just hope this all ends soon and we can get out and about more freely, not that I live anywhere as nice as Devon

Louisa Maud
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Re: Diary - Thursday, 9 July 2020
« Reply #8 on: Friday 10 July 20 11:01 BST (UK) »
I've started to take my mum shopping again. This is something she really missed through lockdown. She spent such a long time being careful with money that, with the mortgage long since paid off, she relishes being able to buy what she wants rather than just what is needed.

So last evening we went to a local supermarket. In the daytime, you need to queue outside, but when the majority are watching telly, the place is empty, so social distancing is much easier. It's also exercise, in a place where it doesn't rain, with a trolley to lean on if you get a bit tired. Exercise is important when you are over 90.

Of course, being the approach to closing time, many perishable items need to be cleared. The bread which we would normally buy was marked down to 50p rather than 1.

They had over-ordered doughnuts, and packs of 5 were marked down - to 5p !  I'm sure the filling cost them more than that. Besides enough for us, we picked up a couple of packs for my auntie, who loves them. Another loaf for her - marked at 13p.

We picked up all sorts of stuff, and eventually reached the fridge where they put their "short date" items. The staff there announced that they were giving up putting fresh labels on for their final reduction of they day. "Just tell the checkout that it's 10p". A couple of packs of cooked meats were among the items added to the trolley.

At the checkout, the operator had already been informed about the 10p deal, but we didn't have anything with a 10p barcode. So she decided to scan a doughnut package for ANY item with a "Reduced" label. The receipt shows a LOT of doughnuts.

Mum had a voucher for extra loyalty points if you spent 20, expiring July 9th, and my rough guesstimate was about 27. "I'm sorry, but I can't take this - you haven't spent enough!".  I had to rush back into store - nobody waiting - and pick up a 2.50 pack of kitchen rolls to break the 20 barrier. Worth it for 2 worth of points.

Called at my auntie's on the way home, and told her that she now owed another 15p !
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