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Re: Henry C. Hamblin
« Reply #54 on: Thursday 30 July 20 21:50 BST (UK) »
Excellent John thank you, real progress here for me, helpfully kicks my Walters Hamblin's  "Joy" theory  into touch.
 My sister just mailed me responding to,  who was this Alfreds widow J Hamblin? 
 A dim memory of a Josephine she could not place,  this would have been some years after Alfreds death, she  was accompanied by her partner. I cannot think of any other candidates. I received her mail pror to your post actualy naming them.

Your earlier post re. George Hamblin's probate & his benefactor of 600 so hepful, jogged a memory, Ellen Smith was apparently George Hamblin's sister Henry & Beatrice's third daughter.
I simply knew her as "Aunt Bubbles". A person who never settled down, having 1 son Max at a very early age in tow for life & Ellen Smith, had no known later long term partner. "Married" I venture may be debatable, probably Max's father. Anything about her will be way too muddy to persue. She was working in Australia for a while. She would appear & dissapear.
I located what I firmly believe to be her birth index. GRO.
  1912. Hamblin. Ellen. Turner. M Qtr   Fulham vol 01 A Pg 457.

Thank you again, this finally puts a surname to her adult life that has eluded my hearing for 60 odd years. I will try to find her death date, that event is very sketchy,  best guess late 1990's. She died after a long term stay in a secure unit.