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Re: 150 Cm
« Reply #9 on: Wednesday 15 July 20 23:02 BST (UK) »
I understand what you mean about having examples
Heres another for you ...because younger generations are now testing and she is 90 ..a 145cm match is the grandson of her cousin .
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Re: 150 Cm
« Reply #10 on: Thursday 16 July 20 08:18 BST (UK) »
I have a second cousin once removed who is 145 cM and a mysterious 150 cM connection with no obvious link- his tree is too sparse and his mother's birth entry appears to be missing from the GRO index

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Re: 150 Cm
« Reply #11 on: Monday 20 July 20 10:40 BST (UK) »
I have one at 148cM we share a great grandmother ( different great grandfathers) she is classed as 3rd-4th cousin by Ancestry. My home tree has her as my half second cousin.I go with my home tree.
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Re: 150 Cm
« Reply #12 on: Monday 20 July 20 11:10 BST (UK) »
My grandmother was the youngest in her family.  There was 15 years between her and her oldest sibling.  My matches around 150 are great grandchildren of her siblings.

On another branch my grandfather was 24 years younger than his oldest sibling.  He was already an uncle when he was born.

His father was the oldest and left England in 1851 and some trees didnít have him as he wasnít living at home in 1851.  Similar for my great grandmother who married him at 17 and was not at home for 1851 census. 
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Re: 150 Cm
« Reply #13 on: Monday 20 July 20 13:48 BST (UK) »
Do any of you lovely people have a DNA match of 150cm on your DNA matches that is a proven family member ?
I'm a struggling to find a connection and there are no other shared matches with this person.
Please no directions to DNA painter as the variants are so wide.
Any thoughts ?
Many thanks

I have a DNA match at a very similar level to you - 145 cM - although this person is not a directly proven family member unfortunately! I think figures in that area usually suggest some kind of NPE/half relationship.

In my case, my DNA match is a relation on an unknown/illegitimate line - her grandfather was (almost certainly) a sibling of my g-grandfather.