Author Topic: Jorge Augusto Pereira da Fonseca born 1932 Mozambique died Portugal 2014  (Read 39 times)

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Hi team, I am dealing with a good mystery here .. can anyone offer any help ..

Jorge original identity is questionable ... the understanding from family is that Jorge took the subject name in respect for his godfather who never married and had no children .. we donít fully understand the godfathers name .. what was Jorge original birth name is also not fully clear ...

We do know he was in the Rhodesian first fleet and was a pilot... abt 1952 to unknown year
The unknown years we understand that he became a private pilot in Beira Mozambique up to 1964 ... he suffered a terrible injury leaving him paralysed... after which he was moved to Portugal to receive treatment in Hospital for what we believe hospital for veterans ...
he died in Carcagvelos, Lisbon, Portugal
anybody that can help here I would be so grateful ..

Thank you
Scott Morland