Author Topic: Help me date the people in this photo please? Kelly Beer Windsor, NSW, Australia  (Read 177 times)

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I need your opinion to help me identify the people in the group photograph.

I have photos of my great great grandparents William Ernest Kelly and Clara Elizabeth Beers who were married 21 July 1911 Beamish St, Sydney, Australia and had 15 children. Clara's mother was Elizabeth Mary Goulding who married Ross Donnelly Beer. She was born in 1860 St Leonards, Sydney and died in 1936 in Newington, NSW. She had 9 children with her husband and he was a criminal. I have a photo of him from his records but I do not believe he is in this group photo.
I think that the photo is Clara, William, Clara's mother Elizabeth and either Clara's siblings or children.

My estimate of the ages of the people in the photo:

From the left:
A young women I would say 16-18 years.
A middle aged man I would say late 30- mid 40s (I think this maybe William Ernest Kelly)
A middle aged lady I would say 30-40 (I think this maybe Clara Elizabeth Beers Kelly)
A man I would say 35 or so
A young women I would say maybe mid 20s
A middle aged women I would say 40s
The women sitting I would say older than 60. (I think this is definitely related to the lady who I think is Clara and think it maybe her mother Elizabeth Goulding).

Do you agree with this? I'm only 33 and my perception of age its getting better but I dont know!

This photo was in my Nana's photo album who is Joyce Marie (Horne) Leech she passed 1999 and her mother was Eileen May Kelly born 1914 (one of Clara and William daughters). She is definitely not in this photo.

I have attached older photos of Clara and William please let me know if you think they are the people I have identified.. such a jigsaw! I also have attached the group photo and a very blurry photo unfortunately of Clara and William when they were young.

This photo had to of been taken before 1936 as this is when Elizabeth passed. If I could get a rough estimation of the year its taken it will be easier to work out if these other people are Clara's children or her siblings.

Kind regards
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No date but more colour than I expected in last one:

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I am not sure if Clara and William also appear in the group photo. Clara has a slightly pointed chin so could possibly be either of the younger girls, but I am not convinced the mouth or face shape is the same.

The big photos are huge on my iPad so I canít see the whole thing without scrolling so not easy to compare.  :)

I agree that the group photo was taken in the 1930s and could be prior to 1936.

Regarding ages, here are my estimates, though I am not confident:

Young woman - 20s
Man - 50s
Woman - 40s
Gent - 40s - 50s
Young woman - 20s
Middle aged woman - 40s
Older seated woman - 60s but could be younger.

The two young girls look similar - possibly sisters of a similar age if that fits in with what you know about your family? The one on the right looks younger.

I think the middle aged gents might match up with the middle aged women. The one on the left has his hand on the shoulder of the woman in front of him. The middle aged gents look similar - possibly brothers. The one on the left looks older and may be going grey. I initially did not notice this but it sort of tallies with estimated ages and relationships. Maybe two groups of 3 family members on each side with grandma in the middle.

You might have three generations here - two middle aged couples, the matriarch, and two daughters of one of the couples, or one daughter from each couple.  :)

Keep in mind that people had photos of people in their albums who were not relatives - friends, neighbours too, so if you canít make them fit into your family ......  :-\

Added: photo of Clara looks to have been taken in the 1950s. She looks happy and dressed up so maybe taken at a wedding.  ;D Photo of William is difficult to date, but I think possibly a bit earlier? 1930s or 40s?  :-\

Do you have any elderly relatives who may be able to identify these people?