Author Topic: Working at the Butte Montana Trading Post in 1904  (Read 347 times)

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Re: Working at the Butte Montana Trading Post in 1904
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Except for ruling out the man who died, it's hard to tell if any of these is your Elizabeth's husband in the earlier directories:

One way to sometimes tell who is who, is by comparing previous city directories. Unfortunately for Butte, at, there is no 1901-1903 directories. But it looks like the Richard James, clerk, was there in 1900. and Richard P James, who was in the 1904 directory, is not there. So maybe your Elizabeth's husband worked as a laborer for a while before opening his own store. (Maybe to raise some funds ?)

here is the 1900 Directory:

1900 Butte City Directory
    Richard, clerk, Miners' Cash Grocery, rms 206 S Crystal
    Richard, miner, r 896 N Main, Centerville

Richard & Elizabeth James had a son Holland Noyse James in 1903. On the birth record the parent's residence is listed as "1823 S Washington" as well as being the place of birth.



There are a few articles after the family moved on (To PA), with that address. They all refer that address as being a saloon.

The Butte Miner
Butte, Montana
Saturday, July 02, 1910 - Page 5

 Paul Kuchan has sworn to a complaint against Ignatz Pechak, whom he claims rut him with a knife at Tony Terpin's saloon, 1823 South Washington Street Thursday night. Kuchan claims that Pechak lost his horse and blamed him for...........


In 1911 a Mr Pinter owed the saloon at that address.

The Butte Daily Post
Butte, Montana
14 Jun 1911, Wed    Page 8



Was it actually a "Trading Post" or a Saloon? Or did it become a saloon later on?


I see a Richard P James in the 1907 Pittsburgh directory on Dawson Street, same street he was on in 1910 census.