Author Topic: Diary Friday 4th September  (Read 732 times)

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Re: Diary Friday 4th September
« Reply #18 on: Sunday 06 September 20 09:44 BST (UK) »
"Salford Royal" Viktoria?
Hope it is nothing major, and all goes well.

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Re: Diary Friday 4th September
« Reply #19 on: Sunday 06 September 20 21:07 BST (UK) »
Dash! Just lost a long post!
All well ,I have had for a short while a tiny pin head sized crusty thing on my nose.
It came off without bleeding ,came back same size but this time rather inflamed round it.
At  GP’s last week for something else,mentioned it and she looked but  was not really able to decide so referred me .
A cancellation at Salford Royal for today.
Son took me.
All is well ,a bit of sun damage, but not cancer nor pre cancerous.
I now must use sun block even for hanging out washing,combination of  my thin old skin and depleted ozone layer .
I was not too worried but thought if things get tighter I might have a long wait .
( Bolton is in stricter measures at the moment ) so decided to set things in motion.
When I look like Nanny McPhee ,if I wish I can have it removed.

Cold and bright today.
Lovely to get out , and people so kind and efficient at the hospital.

I thought of all of you making scrubs , working and helping to keep things going .

 Ate the first fig from my little tree today.
It suddenly went purple from green.
So sweet and soft.
Some more almost ready, it has happened suddenly .
Must let daughter know. It was a Mothering Sunday present a couple of years ago.
I have fed it well, and it is in a sheltered sunny position.

Well folks we are in Autumn now.
A lovely season , before we know it Christmas will be here again.
Wonder if we will be able to Christmas  shop.
Perhaps the excesses will be less this year.
I miss Christmas as it was, really a family time.

Well Flash Harry has had his first day at school .
A few tears seemingly and the teacher wanted to know who —— was,as she would be missing him, FH soon settled though ,he was talking about my daughter’s dog ,they are best mates and she has been with him a lot .
Actually she was missing him!

Well must put the kitchen to bed .a nice cuppa and bed .
Another day tomorrow.

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Re: Diary Friday 4th September
« Reply #20 on: Sunday 06 September 20 23:17 BST (UK) »
Viktoria - glad to hear that your hospital visit was swift and efficient and that all is well.... apart from having to use sun block even for hanging out the washing!
Lovely to enjoy your first fig of the year.... my mums favourite..

Good to hear that FH has now settled into school life... it's a big deal for the younger ones... my grandson starts in reception on Monday week, they have a staggered start - he can't wait to go.

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