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Re: Y DNA no surname
« Reply #9 on: Friday 12 February 21 05:21 GMT (UK) »
Hey Ruskie, I'm still trying to learn more about this. We've  tested a maternal relative so can eliminate  common  matches.  But I'm not clear  on your  suggestion  to unlock useful  features. At the moment autosomal matches are problematic  as they are low confidence or trees are either  very small/private or administrator  doesn't visit the account. Any suggestions welcome.  H

Which company did you take the autosomal test with?

I will presume Ancestry because that is who most test with.

You can upload your raw data to My Heritage, FTDNA, (unsure about 23 and Me). This will give you limited access to the features of each site.

The useful features I mentioned are things like chromosome browser, auto clusters etc. but you need to pay a fee to access these.

I think many of us are in the same situation as you regarding matches not replying to messages, lack of interest, and no trees. You might just just have to wait until more matches come in.

Added: re the original YDNA test .... has the person who took that test also taken an autosomal test?
You need to compare like with like - so both need to take autosomal tests. You canít compare results of a YDNA test and an autosomal test.

As I mentioned previously, if the person took a YDnA test with FTDNA they just need to go online, enter their kit number and pay the fee for the autosomal test. You do not need to send off for a new kit unless you want to take an Ancestry DNA test. Ancestry do not reciprocate and allow data from other companies to be uploaded to Ancestry. Meanies. ;)