Author Topic: Diary - Tuesday, 15 September 2020  (Read 555 times)

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Diary - Tuesday, 15 September 2020
« on: Tuesday 15 September 20 20:07 BST (UK) »
Just popping in again trying to catch up.

Finished a nightshift this morning.  Things have been working out well with the buses for me.  My anticipated hordes of school children preventing me catching my buses hasn't happened after all.  Someone has told me that they think the schoolchildren might be scheduled to go in after rush hour.  Since last week I have been getting stuck in traffic though in places.  I haven't minded though as I have been going home from work in the morning rather than going to work.  It might sound odd but the first time I got stuck in traffic I actually felt a bit happy about it as it felt like the old normal.

I called at M&S on the way home for some of my favourite veggie items before heading to my stand for second bus.  Whilst waiting I noticed that a text had come through from the dentist.  My first thought was 'oh no! they will be reminding me of my appointment next week.'. However, I noticed with a touch of glee that the message was starting with 'Unfortunately, ..'.  Yes, they have cancelled my check up appointment for the third time now this year.  I am advised to ring the surgery to rearrange another date.  I think I should be disappointed but I am not.

I have also heard recently from the Pastor of the Church I go to.  Apparently, our Church can now reopen but we will have to choose an allocated Sunday to go as there are too many of us to go at once.  Instead of sitting in rows we are to sit at tables.  Families can sit together on a table and others will sit with one other person at a table.  My friend has been emailing me about it.  I now have my new rota so I have emailed my friend to say that I should be able to go this Sunday so could she go ahead with contacting the pastor to ask if we can sit together at a table this Sunday.  I am really looking forward to the prospect of being able to go back to Church at last!  I do hope there will be a space left for me and my friend this Sunday!

I have also heard from my daughter in law today.  My Grandson started nursery last week.  Although, he likes going apparently he and another boy got in a fight over a musical instrument.  Apparently, my Grandson was left with a cut and scratches on his face.  Daughter in law says since then there have been other altercations between these two so they are having to keep an eye on things.  (I think perhaps my Grandson is not going to turn out like me - I resigned myself early on to accepting that I would never get to play anything other than a triangle my whole life.). Although, I do remember one day the bigger and more bossy kids did allow me to get my hands on a tamborine.  That was a happy and never to be forgotten day.

It was a beautiful sunny and warm morning today and I did feel regretful that I would have to go to bed.
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Re: Diary - Tuesday, 15 September 2020
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday 15 September 20 20:36 BST (UK) »
Aaaaw, what a shame, to be hurt at Nursery.
Hope it does not put him off.
Let us know how he gets on.

Been lovely today.
Started painting the bathroom, wisely did a small wall over the door first to see.
Oh dear, the sample was absolutely spot on ,but the large can ,it is so yellow!
Horrid, nothing like the sample of which a small smear was impossible to find
on the tiles.
Not sure what to do, could send it back I suppose.
Wonít use that colour anywhere.
Oh flipping heck, in the grand scheme of things a tin of paint is nothing to get uptight about!

No sign of sonís  cat  yet.
It is hard when you donít know exactly what has happened to them

Daughter sent a little Video of Flash Harry on her ginormous 17 hands Irish Hunter.
She in the saddle and he in front  of her.
His hard hat looked so big over his little face.
He has no fear of the horse ,who is in his twenties now.

No news really ,going to watch The Battle of Britain programme BBC One .
Sleep well everyone ,and a good day tomorrow.

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Re: Diary - Tuesday, 15 September 2020
« Reply #2 on: Tuesday 15 September 20 22:37 BST (UK) »
RTL, very pleased that things are going well for you with your bus journeys. Also lovely that you will be able to go to your church again, I know how important it is for regular churchgoers. Hope you and your friend are able to get places.

Viktoria, what a shame about the paint. Could you perhaps mix it with a tin of white to tone it down? That would only work of course if you only need one tin as you couldn't guarantee to mix it the same again. And of course you would end up with a lot of spare! Maybe best to just not use it! Hope the cat turns up safe and well.

My Day:

Another warm sunny day. Did a bit of personal maintenance this morning, manicure and removed varnish from toenails and renewed. Arranged with my friend J to go for a walk tonight.

Was going to go for a walk late morning but NN was doing her front garden and despite my intentions not to be intimidated by her I just couldn't be bothered with it all. I'm usually going for my walk a bit later these days and similarly she is doing her garden a bit later, it's absolutely pathetic. I cut the back lawn instead, at least I knew she was out of the way and I could enjoy doing it. Came in for lunch then spotted her going out with her daughter so I took the opportunity to go and trim the her shrubs that are protruding onto my drive. I only cut those bits - despite her ruining my plants I wouldn't stoop to her level by doing the same to hers. I saw that she had dug another hole right next to my drive, obviously for yet another shrub.

After lunch I went for a short walk on the field, came home and did a lot more gardening. Trimmed some shrubs, did my best to cut the overhang into my nice neighbours' garden. Dug out some roots of unwanted plants. Heard NN going out to the front garden, saw later that she had indeed put another shrub in, as near as you could get to my drive. Came indoors before I overdid the gardening, didn't want to feel too tired for my walk with J, I was also ready for a cuppa.

Went to meet J, was still lovely and warm, we walked down to the coast road then along the path by the beach. A group of three men were cycling towards us alongside each other, they made no attempt to get behind each other and when we did so they just cycled on without saying thanks. A police helicopter had been hovering over the area, it then flew quite low along the beach. We thought perhaps they were looking for large groups of people, we could see quite clearly from where we were that there weren't any. It was cooler by the sea but looked so beautiful, the sea was like a millpond. Got a phone call from my friend to say that he was at my house with my car, all work done and passed MOT, hooray! Only problem was that I wasn't in! Sorted that out later.
Walked back home, just did an omelette, potatoes and tomatoes for tea.
Watched Eat Well For Less on TV, it amazes me what rubbish some people feed their children on.
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Re: Diary - Tuesday, 15 September 2020
« Reply #3 on: Tuesday 15 September 20 23:52 BST (UK) »
Lovely to read your post RTL.... have wondered if you were ok... glad your buses haven't caused too many problems for you either..
Oh dear poor grandson... boys will be boys all about deciding who's tougher than who! Hope he's ok and settles into the nursery ok.

Viktoria- I'll bet FH looked a treat on such a large horse and very proud to be sitting up there with your daughter...
It's amazing how paint in the tin never turns out to be quite the same shade as the test pots! Can't tell you the number of times O.H has done what Roobarb suggested and tip some white into it to dull it down... usually in the second coat! Good luck I think you're wonderful doing your decorating...never been allowed to ... apparently I'm a messy painter... I don't mind... you carry on without my help then!

Roobarb- glad to hear your friends sorted your car out and it's passed it's MO T... lovely to walk along by the sea, I'm sure you enjoyed getting out... what a cheek your NN's got planting right by your drive...

My diary
I could see the sun shining through the gaps round the blinds so knew it was going to be another lovely day... OH had left for golf before I got up...
Sat outside with my breakfast ....
Phoned daughter .... realised bad timing as she'd be taking eldest to school... she phoned me back.. just said I'd called to see how youngest had got on yesterday... she'd obviously put the phone on speaker and repeated my question...
' Good Grandma' was the reply I got!
He wanted to show me what he was wearing so she FaceTimed me... leopard face mask.... next one was a skeleton... then we had the whole skeleton outfit too...
Apparently he'd run all the way and felt quite puffed up when Mrs Hodges ( head teacher) called him by his name to welcome him... of course she knows him as he's been going to the nursery there for the last year! Morning only yesterday... nothing today then Wed & Thurs till after lunch... Friday full day...apparently he went straight to sleep last night exhausted!
Had quick chat with daughter... now not going to be able to meet up with their friends as two families as would make 8.,, going to have to think their way round it... going to miss time with the adults....
Cleaned bathroom then got ready to go for our Tuesday morning coffee... all four of us today... lovely sitting in the sun...came home with a cucumber as she'd got 8!!
lunch... sat outside read for a while but getting too hot... dragged myself inside and went to do some sewing...
OH home mid a/noon hot and tired...
More sewing... finished another 40+ today...
Went to pick yet more courgettes, beetroots and dug up last of potatoes in that bed...
Cooked a gammon in cider with orange bits added then glazed with maple syrup... used up all salad left from last night...
Watched 1 episode of I hate Suzie with .Billies Piper... what a load of rubbish not our cuppa at all... so resorted to couple episodes of The Crown... now up to Kennedys assassination...
watched the news... quite worrying hearing how they're now running out of tests having said anyone can get one now we'll actually no you can't... and the distances people are having to go is madness.... how is it that Scotland can have a track and trace app and why can't we use same one... am I missing something here?... I give up we'll all be back in lockdown before you know it...
Enough of my ramblings today... great to read others days... take care all.

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Re: Diary - Tuesday, 15 September 2020
« Reply #4 on: Tuesday 15 September 20 23:56 BST (UK) »
I think I will get another more beige colour and also the same amount of white ,and go from there .
It is good coverage ,I will say that  for it.Nice to use.

My daughter has still not had her B12, was promised ages ago but then cancelled .
Has had under the tongue tablets but the absorption rate is not good.
Well she has a good friend who has a private Dr.
They will supply it for self administration, that worries me ,she surely will need training re self injecting etc.
But her business whilst ticking over will not survive another lockdown and she needs all her wits about her.
The  lack of concentration is one thing ,, driving etc, nerve damage another but the overwhelming tiredness at the moment is the biggest problem.
Her little dog ,spayed on Monday  is not very well ,not passed urine yet .
No more figs ripe yet, but the tree is so healthy.
Glad your church is having services again ,RTL, I am out of touch with mine ,
but difficult to get to since I moved.
Roobarb, glad your car is now all roadworthy.
RTL, I am trying to find out how to shop online at M&S,doesnít seem  to be up,and running ,only ďto orderď party food.
But Ocado only just left Waitrose .
Well time for brid, hope tomorrow is a good day for you all.

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Re: Diary - Tuesday, 15 September 2020
« Reply #5 on: Wednesday 16 September 20 01:55 BST (UK) »
A quiet morning for me. Watched the second last episode of the first series of ďTempleĒ starring Mark Strong. An odd series - not sure what to make of it, but it is different.

Headed to my daughterís to dog sit while she went to work. House fairly tidy and no washing up to do, so I did a bit of browsing the net, catching up with rootschat, and proof read my daughterís uni assignment as requested.

Later in the afternoon headed back to my house, with dog, so myself and OH could take our dog and daughterís dog for a walk.

Long walk, saw a little dog loose on the footpath - it then scooted across the road. I couldnít watch, anticipating a car hitting it, but as we already had two dogs we couldnít do anything about it. I know the dog - it lives a couple of doors away, is a bit of an aggressive little thing, and is often loose. I once saw its owner look at her dog on the footpath, then jump in her car - I thought she was going to get the dog, but she just drove straight past it and went to the shops around the corner. Not a nice dog and not a nice owner.

I didnít feel too bad leaving it and it was heading home as we watched.

OH and I mused over whether we would make more of an effort to rescue a dog we didnít recognise or a dog which was a breed we liked, and came to the conclusion that we might do.

Walked around the block and passing by exactly the same spot spied another loose dog trying to cross the road - car had to stop to avoid hitting it. It went back to the footpath and sat as if asking to cross. Poor thing. It was a fair distance from us so I couldnít see well enough to ID it, bit I wondered if it was a groodle I have met a couple of times while walking my dog. I have seen her owner asking her sit before crossing a road.

Having two very lively big dogs we felt it best to quickly take the dogs home (as we were very close), grab a lead and go back to rescue the loose dog. OH rushed back but the dog was nowhere to be seen. Itís been playing on my mind all evening - I have been worrying about the dog - was it the lovely friendly dog I have met before - thinking how we couldíve handled it better and trying to work out a way that we could have gone to grab the dog immediately rather than going home first. I still feel bad and canít stop thinking about the dog many hours later ....  :'(

We currently have meal kits delivered so cooked Moroccan lamb with cous cous crust for dinner -quite good. Watched a bit of TV.

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Re: Diary - Tuesday, 15 September 2020
« Reply #6 on: Wednesday 16 September 20 09:08 BST (UK) »
Viktoria can I ask how far your son moved? The reason I'm asking is because when my step daughter moved  about two miles away her cat Monty decided he wasn't having the new house and went 'home' twice! Each time one of the old neighbours phoned to say Monty was sitting on his old doorstep. He wasn't a cat that ventured far either, he would have had to cross a busy main road and several side roads whichever route he took. He had paint on his fur on one occasion, goodness knows what he'd been up to. He went on to have a long life and never again went on his travels. It's a long shot but maybe your sons cat was trying to go home.
I have enjoyed reading everyones diaries. Birmingham is again in Lockdown. At least I live in the outskirts and am staying close to home.Stay safe everyone.

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Re: Diary - Tuesday, 15 September 2020
« Reply #7 on: Wednesday 16 September 20 10:09 BST (UK) »
They will supply it for self administration, that worries me ,she surely will need training re self injecting etc.

This is very easy.  There are lots of instructions on YouTube. 
The Vit B solution is thin, it is easy to suck up. Then you have to do that thing where you push the plunger in a bit to make sure you donít have an air bubble, then you just stab it in a muscle and push the plunger slowly.

I have not done it to myself, but a friend and I have done it to each other.

currently concentrating on a number of Staffordshire families.

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Re: Diary - Tuesday, 15 September 2020
« Reply #8 on: Wednesday 16 September 20 10:15 BST (UK) »
Oh quite a long way, 40 miles ,but I know of cases where dogs and some cats do try to return even that far.
The problems are,she is 15, now seems to have dementia and being a small size of her breed,Burmese, looks like a young cat so may have been taken for breeding.
There have been quite a number of cats  ď nappedĒ in the new area.
They were at Mytchett Surrey now Newbury Berkshire.
Is spayed and microchipped .
She never roamed when they rented for a month ,holiday letís in Wales,always responded to a low level dog whistle.
Son is sure she is dead ,which in a strange way is comforting, but not knowing is hard isnít it.
Son looks every morning and evening.Posters up. Paper boys, milkman, Vets etc notified, canít do more.
But many thanks for your kind interest.
What should have been a mover to improve their quality of life away from monster neighbours has turned out so
No children ,so the cats (they have another a little moggy ) mean a lot to them.
However ,the moggy has suddenly become confident,playful and relaxed, soooo, methinks the lost one was a bully!
Thanks again.
Will let you know if any news.Viktoria