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Re: Diary > Wednesday 16th September
« Reply #18 on: Friday 18 September 20 23:39 BST (UK) »
Candleflame - I thought perhaps they’d be covered... our friends are up there now and set some lovely pics of them in deck chairs in the garden and walking in a field full of sheep! They’ve gone to scatter his dads ashes in the little corpse behind the house where his mums ashes were there too... a sad time for them but he was 101 so a good age... fortunately it wasn’t COVID that took him just old age and at the end of last year....

Viktoria - My heart goes out to that elderly lady It’s not much of a life for her, as you say you want these idiots who are just doing as they want to see how it’s. affecting her life.....

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Re: Diary > Wednesday 16th September
« Reply #19 on: Saturday 19 September 20 17:30 BST (UK) »
Caroline - 101 that’s a brilliant age!
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Re: Diary > Wednesday 16th September
« Reply #20 on: Saturday 19 September 20 20:24 BST (UK) »
My mother in law lived to 105 ,my OH was 81 when she died.
My Mum was 61 and I was 20.
I used to feel resentful one had such a long life and the other did not.
Then I would feel really guilty .

What a lovely place for the ashes and so easy to visit .

Well, the best laid plans! Fed the fish this morning ,looked at the pond later pbut could not see them.
So emptied pond with a pump I have and there they were !
Tesco delivered Tropical food instead of Goldfish food.
There was so little difference I have used it and they had good colour before by boy! Absolutely gorgeous now.So why could I not see the little beggars!

Made a Quiche , so did not start defrosting the ham I had planned to use.
Not used the cooked apples yet either ,might do that later.

Do you know ! The  BBC ( 1) is almost all sport this evening.

I have been OK all day but tired now .
However if I go to bed early ,I wake up in the small hours and don’t get back
to sleep until I ought to be getting up!

Again the Country’s leading Virologist ( virus specialist,think that is his title)
has warned on Radio this afternoon ,” This virus is spread person to person
so you must keep  a good distance between yourself and anyone else”.

It should be displayed as notices everywhere.
Mind you, I makes you wonder if some people are intelligent enough to be able to read,so  unintelligent are their selfish actions.

My kitchen looks as if vandals have been in , soon be tidy.
 Reading a book,paperback, nothing to stretch my mind but pleasant reading .I can tell how it will end!
He will leave her in the lurch ,holding the baby , reputation ruined but the simple farm lad who has always loved her will marry her etcetcetc.
Not exactly War and Peace!

Oh go and get the kitchen sorted you lazy trollop!
Cheerio,Viktoria .