Author Topic: Diary Friday 18th September  (Read 452 times)

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Re: Diary Friday 18th September
« Reply #9 on: Saturday 19 September 20 17:41 BST (UK) »
I would like to know where posts go when they just disappear, Viktoria I have just done the same

Coach companies,  my friend has just returned from using  one local to me although she is not a local, she was very impressed as to how they are going about things now which is a good thing, people do need a break  but are a little concerned which is understandable.

After my husband broke my whirly , ladies, he was not hanging clothes out, we had to get a new one today, 1st shop none in till 24th, can't  wait  that  long, 2nd shop 5  dearer but had to have it, so  I am a happy bunny now to get washing out on such a nice blowy day, my OH  had decided to take the garage door off as the sliding gear was playing  up, it was so windy here it blew the door over onto my whirly and flower bed, ruined the whirly and flattened some plants, with a bit of TLC  I am  sure the plants will perk up

Talking of plants my fuchsia and bizzie lizzie plants haven't done very well this year, think it will be the last time I have bizzies, last few years they have not done so well and this year a fuchsia  society member told me they have some sort of disease,  will have something different next year

Everyone sounds a bit happier today I think, hope it continues, the weather helps

Take care folks

Louisa Maud
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Re: Diary Friday 18th September
« Reply #10 on: Saturday 19 September 20 19:08 BST (UK) »
When I posted that it had just turned Friday, it hadn't! Had just turned Saturday. Another example of not knowing what day it is despite having just typed it into the title!  ::)

Carol, good to hear that things are somewhere near normal for you. What a horrendous price for tomatoes, I eat stacks of them, my whole grocery budget would be going on tomatoes!

Caroline - I foresee you becoming president of the WI when things are becoming a bit more normal.  ;) Hope things work out for you with the family visit, it's so difficult these days when we're suspicious of the least little thing as regards our health and that of families.

Mowsehowse, I'm not one for napping as such, I've fallen asleep again on a few mornings when I've been thinking about getting up but I don't do snoozing on the sofa or anything like that. Yesterday was an exception to the norm, which is why it worried me. I don't get bored either, I think it's probably a combination of things, I always start going into hibernation mode at this time of the year and often get quite depressed too. I think the other factor is that I've been feeling very stressed lately, I get anxious about the least little thing these days. I was stressed about my car although I knew it would be sorted out for me. There's no logic to my being like that, just one of the effects of the current situation. I will definitely be continuing with the walks, I agree that it's important and particularly in getting exposure to daylight, even though that might be a bit later than it has been!

Viktoria - despite yellow being my favourite colour I think I'll give the paint a miss, but thanks for asking!  ;D Once more you've given me a laugh with tales of your stripping exploits!  :D

Louisa Maud, pleased to hear you got your clothes things sorted out and the washing out to dry.  :)
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