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Diary - Saturday 26th September
« on: Sunday 27 September 20 00:41 BST (UK) »
Well looks like everyone else has retired early... had enough.... nothing to report...

Today has passed just like  any other day throughout this inflicted isolation... deadly dull...totally fed up....where’s it all going to end.... hundred of students locked in their uni accommodation to keep them off the streets, having let them go in the first place... madness... or is it a ploy to shock them all into behaving responsibly by letting them see how life has been for others shut away from family and friends... ok I’m ready to wake up from this nightmare now... totally had enough... some retirement! There must be lots of people like me out there wondering the same thing...

And so to what did I do today.... not much... windy, chilly weather...OH out golfing .. after breakfast I did an hours yogalates...
Best thing next was to listen to the radio and do some more sewing...Amy questions followed by any answers.... turned it off in the end after listening to people speaking about not visiting family in care homes and how upsetting it is for all concerned... couldN’t listen too upsetting... although I’m sorry my mums not around I’m thankful she’s not had to go through all this...
Late lunch when OH arrived home... better round today so he’s happier...
First four scrubs finished... they look bright and cheerful...
Daughter FaceTimed been out in the park all afternoon With the boys and she was frozen... daft girl... youngest grandson practicing writing his letter to Santa! Eldest one reading his book on birds and telling us all the facts about red kites, buzzards, kestrels... all of which he’s seen when up with us... Got 10/10 in his spelling test..
First full week at school for youngest and it’s been good! Come home shattered every day! Lovely to chat to them miss them despite having seen them last w/e..
More sewing almost finished next three tops...
OH cooked dinner tonight... steak, chips and vegs...always tasty...
Watched tv... that’s it for another day...
Hope others have had a better one...

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Re: Diary - Saturday 26th September
« Reply #1 on: Sunday 27 September 20 02:25 BST (UK) »
Popped to the shops to grab some supplies for Sunday night’s family dinner. I needed to marinate some pork fillets overnight.

This was my first visit to a Chinese supermarket for many months. I never liked going to them because they are so cramped, but have been actively avoiding them this year  - it is so tight in many of them that you need to breathe in to pass anyone in the aisles.

Although we currently have no cases in the community I still prefer to keep my distance from people, so feeling brave I made a point of visiting one which I knew was more spacious.

There were a couple of items I could not get there in small enough bottles so I ended up getting them at my local supermarket. I wanted garlic shoots but couldn’t bring myself to buy a vegetable that had been grown in China as these were. Such a shame as I love garlic shoots.

Watched the first episode of the new series of “The Great British Bake off” - made a joke with OH about how many of the contestants have jobs in NHS and other vital services. I thought that the last challenge was far too difficult but they did quite well though I did get the giggles at a couple of the offerings.

Later watched a couple of episodes of the first series of “The A word” - am enjoying it.

After being so concerned about the “oodle” dog I saw loose a couple of weeks ago trying to cross the road, I saw it yesterday on a lead with it’s owner. Such a relief. It wasn’t the lovely dog I had met a couple of times, but I think it is also a groodle. Quite an expensive dog. Now I know where it lives I can return it if it gets loose again - which I hope will never happen.

Made pizza for dinner. Especially simple and easy with purchased dough balls. I always put on too many toppings so the base doesn’t cook quite enough, though still edible.

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Re: Diary - Saturday 26th September
« Reply #2 on: Sunday 27 September 20 08:54 BST (UK) »
Caroline- sorry to hear you sounding so dejected, I think many of us have been affected by the change in the weather, we feel so much more restricted spending more time indoors. It's very difficult to look to the future with any enthusiasm when we can't see an end to this. Good that your sewing helps take your mind off things and what a fantastic help that will have been to the wearers.

Ruskie, good to hear you have no cases there but are still being cautious, well done on going to the Chinese supermarket. Good news that the dog is safe and well with its owner, you obviously care a lot about dogs.

My day (very uninspiring):

Another grey and windy day although not gale force today. Couldn't be bothered doing much this morning. Have had some problems with getting any power into the laptop, managed to resolve that and set off a backup of family tree and all documents to external hard drive. The documents took literally hours.

Went for a windswept walk, the field was surprisingly dry. Was sad to see a lot of wind damage in the woods, one tree with a large branch hanging to the ground, others broken off or torn. I suppose that's just nature and others will grow to replace them.

Had lunch, read for a while then did some ironing. Some art materials that I ordered arrived, very fast delivery,  I'll use that company again. Made some changes to my next Tesco order, apparently some people are panic buying again around here. Unfortunately the press decide to publish that, which just encourages more people to do so. This whole area has been named as an area of enhanced support due to the increase in positive cases, it would seem that people think we're heading for a local lockdown.

Today seemed to just slip away, didn't really do a lot.

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Re: Diary - Saturday 26th September
« Reply #3 on: Sunday 27 September 20 21:06 BST (UK) »
Weather not good - cold, pouring with rain and blowing half a gale.   Donned winter coat and left home at 12.15 to meet my sister and friends at 12.30.   Got held up on one particular road so was late arriving and they were already seated.   There was a queue waiting to enter the restaurant who didn't look best pleased when I walked past them.   It was good to see the girls again (girls, who am I kidding) - we all ordered something different, mine being a cheese jacket potato and Americano coffee.

One friend had to leave a bit early as she was expecting a delivery at 2.40 and needed to be home for that so we remaining 3 went to my sisters for an hour suitably distanced around dining table as not the weather for sitting outdoors.

Hadn't slept well and felt tired when I got home around 4pm.   Fell asleep on the sofa for around an hour which somewhat perked me up.

Had my usual Saturday fish and chips (yummy), watched heaven knows what on tv, and knitted before some Rootschat before I went to bed.

I'd told myself I wouldn't turn the heating until October but it was so cold when I got home that I caved in and turned it on.   On top of all we are having to put up with I didn't feel that being cold was one of them.


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