Author Topic: Diary - Sunday, 27 September 2020  (Read 607 times)

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Re: Diary - Sunday, 27 September 2020
« Reply #9 on: Monday 28 September 20 10:49 BST (UK) »
 Carol & Jeff Iíve been thinking about you both during these times youíre going through with your families.... hard enough to bear under normal circumstances let alone under these trying times...
 Carol - Sorry your op was cancelled but at least you were able to visit your Son which itself must have been hard to see him suffering.... one can only hope that the treatment will bring him some relief...good luck with your own op next week...

Jeff - Despite the sad times To hear that you were able to renew your vows in the church you married in must have been special and wall to wall sunshine adding to your day... Friday will be a difficult day for you all but hope you know that all on RC will be thinking about you and although I donít know you personally I will be thinking about you...

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Re: Diary - Sunday, 27 September 2020
« Reply #10 on: Monday 28 September 20 14:21 BST (UK) »
Just a quick post to say my broadband not working and can't use pc as usual.  Doing this on mobile. Spent hour on phone to BT and engineer coming tomorrow to sort out bt hub. Feel lost without Internet.

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Re: Diary - Sunday, 27 September 2020
« Reply #11 on: Monday 28 September 20 15:17 BST (UK) »
Best thoughts to you and yours Carol, you know people will be thinking about you.

The annual boiler check today, the gas engineer and I both had masks on, kept our distances ,but it seemed strange he could come in, I felt like cancelling
but if things get worse and the boiler lets me down,no heat or hot water.
It is not a top quality one ,Baxi or Worcester ,Vokera ,you know            builders Ď cheapy, but it does the job, is easy for me to manage (,very little to do )
just check pressure now and then and so easy to adjust if necessary.
I also thought ,even in these trying times, a if I refuse a service will my service contract be null and void .?
Anyway done now.
Second son who moved due to very unreasonable neighbours ,setttled in.
Have decided ,after looking into it that to rent out their house will in the end ,due to various taxes etc,not be a good financial investment.
House prices are very high at the moment and theirs has been valued well above their expectations .
So sell now.
Continue to rent unless prices come down ,until retirement in four years then buy somewhere in Pembrokeshire ,near the sea.
Sounds like a plan.
Oh well I am going nowhere, literally.
Gosh my hair ,getting long but as the last cut was layered it is not thick all the way down.
What a sad sight.
Last time he was up Grandson put me on phototime?
I can see them and they me?
Not on your nelly!
I have some pride left!
I used to have a wig for when we did stage productions for Oxfam,could be
sprayed ,grey etc and washed out .
Could do with it now.
Well better get on with something.   Really cold here today.                                                                           
Yet I ought to go out for at least half an hour ,will make the effort.
No news really no idea what to have for tea.
Got some corn bread in my Tesco order,oooo it is lovely .
Cut the loaf in half, froze the other half and half a large seeded batch loaf.
Canít think what to eat when I am not hungry.
Look after yourselves  everyone.

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Re: Diary - Sunday, 27 September 2020
« Reply #12 on: Monday 28 September 20 15:37 BST (UK) »
Been generally busy today and decided to make a coffee and walnut cake, last one was a disaster,  came out like 2 biscuits,  todays one looks just right except just realised I forgot the  walnuts, so, I have decided to put the crushed nuts in the icing, coffee and walnut with a twist, well it will get eaten

Quite a nice day today, washing out and getting dry, in fact it is quite warm

Wedding ring, well I might look for a reasonable one that   can be adjusted,  not sure if I  will have the existing one soldered and then stretched whether there will always be a weak spot, plus half of my husbands name is in half, so, thought I might have it melted down and a complete new ring made with the same 22ct gold without having new gold added, means I will lose the hall mark though.

Not a lot going on really,  I was feeling  people are a bit down, hope not but it i'snt easy

I enjoy the banta on here, you make me laugh

Take care,  keep safe

Louisa Maud

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Re: Diary - Sunday, 27 September 2020
« Reply #13 on: Tuesday 29 September 20 12:24 BST (UK) »
It does seem a shame ,about your ring, either way is not ideal is it.
I might be tempted to keep it as it is, but get a little loop ring fastened to it and wear it on a chain.Done by a jeweller it will be secure.
It is as near as possible to as it was on your wedding day then.
Canít be sure if you have a big WA coming up, if so have a new ring for that.
Or your Covid 19 souvenir ring,( it is only a natter if time before some entrepreneur sees a business opportunity!)

Do you think you may have used Plain flour for the cake that was like biscuits?
Easily done ,or not added Baking  Powder,assuming the recipe called for that.

Well Flash Harry, is getting home from school as high as a kite, the teacher said he is trying so hard and getting lots of stars ,not sure what the day is like or day ending ,perhaps a quiet story on the carpet is not done now ,but he is really high.Is having school dinners as his friend does.
Perhaps  that needs looking into.
My daughter thinks whilst they have been at home and walking for hours  and  he did a very very long cycle ride ,he is not burning off enough energy at school.
To walk home would seen the obvious thing but that would build up his energy and stamina levels more.
Half term soon so they will be able to judge a bit better.
He is not naughty but just canít still and they have homework now.
Wonder if it is just him or other tiddlers  too?
Looks like I wonít see him at Christmas after all, I have kept an open mind
about that possibility.Not so disappointing then.
Well off to do round the bathroom window with flexible sealant , also the loo,washbasin and radiator pipes .Looks neater.
Just in case the hippopotami - Grandson  and Flash Harry can come to visit .
Those two in the bath together !
Flooded kitchen!
Cheerio all, ooooh, not fed the fish !
Ta Ra ,( Common in as muck for Cheerio)Viktoria.
ĎEr indoors!