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Displaying medals
« on: Thursday 01 October 20 14:06 BST (UK) »
I am looking at getting my fathers WW2 medals mounted in a frame with his photo.  I think I have sorted out the order, alignment and having the sovereigns head facing out.  For the name plate, is there a proper sequence for persons details or is it just personal choice ?

A letter for the MOD has it shown as Serial No, Rank, Name, Regiment,  but the medal box labels have it as Rank, Name, Serial no. 


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Re: Displaying medals
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 01 October 20 14:20 BST (UK) »
Itís a matter of personal choice, it it was me I would go number, rank, name, but itís entirely up to you.

If you are having it done by a professional company, they will know  the order of precedence for mounting the Medals, hopefully the case will be sealed so that the air doesnít tarnish the Medals.
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