Author Topic: Diary - Tuesday 13th October  (Read 371 times)

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Re: Diary - Tuesday 13th October
« Reply #9 on: Wednesday 14 October 20 22:18 BST (UK) »
Are you running a book on it Louisa?
 A Griffon Bruxellois / Poodle?
A Greyhound / Poodle.
A Groenendael/ Poodle

How lovely to have a dog.
What nice walks you all take , it has  been so rainy here and cold.

Did a batch of cooking for the feeezer,Hot Pots .
Gave bathroom a really good clean ,I will have to wait for my new bath and floor covering.
I can manage .
Will do a batch of PiriPiri chicken tomorrow.
Had to leave a note with the milk bottle today .
I emptied all the milk out as otherwise the cream at the top is all round the neck and smells a bit off to me.I put it in a jug and rinse the bottle first in cold water ( advice from commercial dairy we visited from college ).
But if was white inside as if paint had been inside it .
I left a note with it ,the milk lady left one for me ,saying the detergent must not have been completely washed out , but—- I don’t want to say no more milk ,they never let you down ,but will leave a note each time it happens .
I threw the milk away.
Just did not fancy it.

Think of me tonight,I will finish my light reading and commence Martin  Chuzzelwit !
Why use two words when two dozen will do was Charles Dickens’ motto I think!
Phone call that I am due my annual blood check.For my medications ,but they knew nothing about my kidney function blood test or sugar level check ,just
the drugs .
Honestly I am supposed to have a six monthly heart check, it is more than five years since one was done !

But I am still here and OK ,so not worried really.

Wonder if it is OK for me to be with my son in his car to get for the laser treatment at Rochdale .
Still confusion about so much.
Hope you are  all well .
Ruskie why is your daughter’s dog naughty,what does it do.?
Mark, watch your back, bend your knees not your back.
You have all been so busy as usual.
Early night tonight I think , then tomorrow a good tidy up of bits and bobs.
Hope my old specs are up to the very small print in the old book!

Well “ see you tomorrow” folks ,hope everyone sleeps well especially Roobarb
who had a bad night coughing .
I have some tiny little  Black  IMPS ,Liquorice and menthol.
 When I say tiny I mean about a quarter inch square .
They moisten your throat and coughing dioes stop.

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Re: Diary - Tuesday 13th October
« Reply #10 on: Wednesday 14 October 20 23:12 BST (UK) »
It's a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. They do seem to breed a lot of dogs with poodles these days, I believe it's because they don't shed hair like other dogs.

Sounds a lovely dog, I think it must be looking for a Ruskie mummy.  :)

Funny you should mention that Roobarb ...the subject did arise and myself and OH said we might be tempted to keep it if we ever found it on the footpath again.  ;D

Yes, poodles are popular to breed with other dogs - less or no shedding, soft fur, with the added bonus that they look very cute. In my part of the world they sell for a higher price than the purebreed, and prices for dogs have risen during the pandemic. Parentage and ethics of the breeder are often a concern with fashionable dogs, so research is required.

Viktoria, daughter’s dog is destructive, most partial to expensive tech items, tv controllers, Dyson plugs and the like. I don’t want to jinx it by speaking too soon, but I think she may be displaying less interest, so I am hopeful she is growing out of it. Her parents recently moved house, but in their previous garden they had one of these trees which dropped nuts which the dog liked to open and eat!!!!: *

Dog is a black lab. Teeth all in tact.  ::)

* best nut in the world .... and one of the most expensive. Yum.

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Re: Diary - Tuesday 13th October
« Reply #11 on: Thursday 15 October 20 00:10 BST (UK) »
... I really don't envy them their job in these strange times. It always seems to be a case of damned if they do and damned if they don't.

Mark, I hope your aches and pains improve today, having a bad back is miserable. Maybe you'll be able to watch the scantily clad Asian girls on catchup.  :)

(Not something I've thought about doing, mine's full of shoes)

Oh Roobarb, you'll get me in trouble encouraging me and what about my back too?

Yes, I agree our Leaders have got an awful trouble managing these strange times.

Perhaps a shoe Auction to help out  ;D  ;D