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Re: Herd Immunity
« Reply #18 on: Saturday 17 October 20 15:17 BST (UK) »
I think I had it as an infant and again in grade 1, age 6.  We all lined up before going to the school library and we all dreaded it.  It hurt like the dickens, scratched along the lower back.  Other needles donít bother me, but those sure did.

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Re: Herd Immunity
« Reply #19 on: Saturday 17 October 20 17:31 BST (UK) »
There has been studies on the connection of the BCG vaccinations against TB helping fight Covid-19 in people who are exposed to it.  This refers to those who were vaccinated in the past. I felt good as I read that, as I had them as a child, and if memory serves, a booster as a teen.  Unfortunately I then read that blood type A are more type 😒.
Time will tell what all this means, interesting to see what scientists will conclude in 5 or 10 years.

It seems the BCG vaccine shows good results for those vaccinated early in life (infants) rather than those vaccinated around 11 to teens (UK children), these seem to have missed the optimal time.
If you were vaccinated in Canada early in life you may have some protection against the worst effects of covid. There is still research being carried out on this.

Thanks Guy,

Jolly good I had this BCG / TB injection at High School it was given in my shoulder/arm end, it felt bruised for years and I had a large raised spot which remained for decades and can still see where I was injected.

First we were jabbed with a multi-pronged jab to see if we had a reaction or not, but decided I needed the main TB injection.

I told my Mother I'd have the TB jab (she signed), because I'd had Chronic Bronchitis many years running as a child. The non-stop repetitive Bronchitis Cough use to make the throat and respiratory system sore and painful, often tasting blood.

I'd only fall asleep each night when severe exhaustion from non-stop coughing, set in.

I had a vapor burner too, now outlawed apparently.

My Mother (in her 80s now) sat by my bedside as a child all night at home and the Family Doctor came twice a day and listened to my chest and back to try and check for possible pneumonia and sometimes prescribed penicillin. He said I'd grow out of it and as the years past, I did.
I've just had something like my old Bronchitis in December 2019 which reoccurred over January/February 2020 and my health has been to hell & back this Spring.


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Re: Herd Immunity
« Reply #20 on: Saturday 17 October 20 18:10 BST (UK) »
Mark, sorry to hear about your health issues.  Hope you see some improvement soon!
I had bronchitis around the time I had the BCG probably the previous year. It was still on the back (early 70ís) and they measured the raised bump afterward and promptly sent me off for an X-ray as the bump was larger than it should have been. Their conclusion was that the TB was either in my system or I simply overreacted to the vaccine.  I had one other bronchitis bout when I was 40, in the summer after my mother died. Funnily enough, I got quite ill both times after my parents died, am convinced they were connected.

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Re: Herd Immunity
« Reply #21 on: Saturday 17 October 20 20:45 BST (UK) »
  "There is also a (c) Long Covid. Where someone contracts covid, it goes through its cycle and then goes into hibernation. It then comes back (not as strongly) a while later."

   This is not my understanding of long covid, though admittedly my understanding of any of this is not great. My daughter had the bug in March, and has had relapses since. When she had the first and worst relapse, she had a test which was negative.
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