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Re: MOORE in Longfield West
« Reply #18 on: Tuesday 01 December 20 09:34 GMT (UK) »

My grandfather was Samuel Moore of Ednashanlaght........

Death of Samuel Moore in 1910 at Ednashanlaght. The informant was his son Samuel Moore.

1911 census with Mary Moore as head of family.

Death of Mary Moore in 1921. Maggie Moore, her daughter-in-law was the informant.

Researching: Cuthbertson Co. Derry, Scotland & Australia; Hunter Co. Derry; Jackson Co. Derry, Scotland & Canada; Scott Co. Derry; Neilly Co. Antrim & USA; McCurdy Co. Antrim; Nixon Co. Cavan, Co. Donegal, Canada & USA; Ryan & Noble Co. Sligo

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Re: MOORE in Longfield West
« Reply #19 on: Thursday 03 December 20 06:11 GMT (UK) »
Thanks for keeping the MOORE thread running................!
I have not been able to find a link from my James MOORE in Drumrawn (east of Drumquin) to the William MOORE in Drumnaforbe nearby.
DNA links me /James MOORE to William MOORE (& Sarah DAVIS) in House 2 Bomackatall in 1901 & 1911.
I think ALL the MOORE families in Ednashanlaght are related. When you draw up the townland in
 c 1860 Griffiths - James & Hugh GORMLEY farm the eastern half & John, Samuel, Jane, John, Andrew, Hugh  MOORE farm the western part. This backs onto land farmed by Charles, James & Samuel MOORE in Meencargagh townland.
These families & descendants found in 1901 & 1911 in Ednashanlaght, Bomackatall, Kirlish townlands.

If you look at the Pension Application records on Find My Past there are the following - who I think they descended from!
1841 - Andrew MOORE & Catherine SPROULE - married 1828 - children - John b 1830, Robert b 1833, Mary Jane b 1840; f-i-l John SPROULE b 1757 (Kilmore/Meencargagh). [Catherine MOORE in Tullyard townland in Griffiths].

1841 - Jn (Jane?) MOORE b 1797; husband Andrew (absent) b 1797, Christianne (absent) b 1817, James b1819, Elizabeth b 1825, William b 1820 (Meencargagh/Ednashanlaght)

1851 -Jane's family - James, John, William, Samuel, Andrew, Robert, Elizabeth, Margaret, Kitty

1841 - 51 - Samuel MOORE (Meencargagh) parents Samuel MOORE & Isabelle HAMILTON

1841/51 - Andrew MOORE - parents Hugh & Eliza MOORE (Ednashanlaght)

In Tithe Applotments 1837 as well as (my?) James MOORE in Drumrawn there are William MOOREs in Carony & Drumnaforbe.
in 1826 William MOORE & partners in Ednashanlaght.

Will we ever sort them out!?

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Re: MOORE in Longfield West
« Reply #20 on: Thursday 10 December 20 00:28 GMT (UK) »
The connections are certainly hard to identify with any certainty. However, I agree that the Moores of Ednashanlaght are definitely closely related - with the exception of Hugh. I say this partly because his acreage was much smaller than Andrew, Samuel and John, and partly because we don't find the presence of any of the others as witnesses in marriages of his children.

It would seem that Jane was mother to James, John, William, Samuel, Andrew, and Robert, and if it is she who died age 90 in 1865, she is just about old enough to be the mother of all of these - although we don't know year of birth of William or Robert or Samuel (both the latter of Meencargagh), and I suspect that at least the first two of these were born before 1800.  Unfortunately I have  not been able to trace any of the three daughters, though have a strong suspicion that Elizabeth married Samuel McFarland of Aghasessy (on evidence from a census search form).

I haven't found any direct relationships between the Ednashanlaght Moores and yours. However, I did find that Cassie Scott (a daughter of Samuel Moore, my great-grandfather) was a witness at the marriage of Sarah Moore (daughter of William Moore and Sarah Davis) and James Johnstone. This is not too surprising, as Catherine Scott married William Scott of Tullyard, a townland adjoining Bomacatall and Kirlish where Sarah and James lived.

I think the only way to get some more insight is by inspecting land records showing actual transfers of land, along with named individuals, but I am not hopeful of finding these. Regrettably, names of wives don't appear in such transactions, so their genealogical value would be rather limited.