Author Topic: Possible Quaker Marriage at The Old Meeting House, Birmingham  (Read 156 times)

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Possible Quaker Marriage at The Old Meeting House, Birmingham
« on: Monday 02 November 20 18:01 GMT (UK) »

My great-great grandfather Samuel Moore married great-great grandmother Jane Hicks 3rd September 1853

On the Marriage Certificate, it says it took place at The Old Meeting House, Birmingham, which appears to be a Quaker meeting house.

It also says that the marriage was "in accordance with the Rites and Ceremonies of the Presbyterians by Certificate" - could someone explain what this means?

Also, the marriage was performed by George Dawson, I wondered whether this could be the (moderately) famous George Dawson, who preached the "civic gospel" and supposedly influenced Joseph "Brummagen Joe" Chamberlain?

I attach an extract of the marriage cert

Thanks for your help

Garry Brooks

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Re: Possible Quaker Marriage at The Old Meeting House, Birmingham
« Reply #1 on: Monday 02 November 20 19:59 GMT (UK) »
Presbyterianism and the Quakers (Society of Friends) are separate denominations, but they both sometimes use the term 'Meeting House'. In this case, there's nothing to suggest any Quaker connection.

I can't answer your question about George Dawson, I'm afraid, but there may be places where you can research Presbyterian church history in general; or you might find other records from the Old Meeting House such as minute books, or else newspaper reports etc, which can tell you more.
Researching among others:
Bartle, Bilton, Campbell, Craven, Emmott, Harcourt, Hirst, Kellet(t), Kennedy,
Meaburn, Mennile/Meynell, Metcalf(e), Palliser, Robinson, Rutter, Shipley, Stow, Wilkinson

Census information is Crown Copyright, from

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