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Invalid email
« on: Saturday 14 November 20 22:35 GMT (UK) »
I have been using for 3 months as I got it on a deal I saw on here. Two weeks ago I cancelled as I did not want it to auto-renew. It ended last week. So far so good.
Yesterday I decided to do a free search to check some information in my tree. So I logged in to and was redirected to .au. Not a problem till I was asked to log in again. I tried to log in 3 or 4 times but each time it told me I had an invalid e-mail address and would not let me log in. I could still log in to .com but kept getting redirected.
I rang Ancestry on its free phone number after checking their operating hours, only to be told no one could take my call and to ring back in business hours. But I was ringing in business hours. Ok, ill send them an e-mail which I did explaining my invalid e-mail problem. Hit Submit and then thought how are they going to contact me because they would have to send the reply to my invalid e-mail.
Yes, you guessed it within a few seconds I had an email from Ancestry with my case number.
I still cannot log in to as I have an invalid e-mail.
I await the reply with interest.
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