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Re: Diary > Thursday 19th November
« Reply #9 on: Friday 20 November 20 23:24 GMT (UK) »
MH - wonderful place isn’t it... Sri Lanka that is and yes amazing wildlife...I was fascinated with the peacocks as I never realised how much time they spend in trees! We stayed, for a few days, in the  Mt Lavinia in Colombo... it’s where they timed the hospital scenes in the Bridge over the River Kwai... happy memories of that country...

Viktoria- well done to your daughter for her branch having the best customer service... always such an important part of any good company... you must be very proud of her...
I think sometimes letters get computer generated and nothing noted to your previous visit! No wonder there’s so much money spent unnecessarily in the NHS!
Hope you get your #&%#££~€§ tax form sorted!

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Re: Diary > Thursday 19th November
« Reply #10 on: Saturday 21 November 20 00:06 GMT (UK) »
Congratulations to your daughter Viktoria. I'm not surprised that her conference was exhausting, I find it tiring just doing my art class, I don't envy people having to spend so much time on it for their work.
Here's hoping for some sunshine tomorrow.
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Re: Diary > Thursday 19th November
« Reply #11 on: Sunday 22 November 20 00:01 GMT (UK) »
Thanks everyone ,she is a good employer ,they are like a family .
They followed her to a man when she started her own franchise ,sales staff,mechanics etc.

Well the nice sunshine did not materialise ,so washing inside!!!
Must check my Tesco order for ingredients for mincemeat ,a lovely orange tangy one with Cointreau .
I used to make eight dozen mince pies on Christmas Eve!
OH was so helpful, like a big kid,he loved helping with the Christmas stuff.
Boxing Day was his Mum’s party,just cold meats ,jelly ,blancmange ,chocolate log etc .Nothing special but we would not have dreamed of going anywhere else.
So funny ,all the grandchildren ,8 ,sang and recited etc .
Every year we had strict instructions not to spoil the wrapping paper on our presents ,she could use it next year. ;D
“ When Santa got  stuck up the chimney”, Great  Grandma always  said
We used to go down with the pram, as we took chairs ,there would be twelve of us ,Grandma had not that many.
We never considered doing anything else on Boxing Day.
It was like “My old man said follow the van”.

Found a rug Roobarb ,seems the right colour and many sizes so will enquire .
Don’t want red or orange ,if  I can speak to a person I can make  that   clear.

,Pork for tomorrow, am going to take the rind off, do that with the roasties
abd slow cook  the pork with all sorts of things,like thyme, shallots ,white wine.A practice run for if I am doing  Christmas here ,on my own or with son and daughter in law.

  Well my perm has come ——I thanked the postie, said what the parcel was
abd said I needed to something about my horrible hair as I looked as if I
had just been let out of an institution,hoped it worked ,She said “ and if it doesn’t ,you will look as if you have just been let out of another institution “!
It’s being Northern wot dus it!

Caroline my OH had to go to Ceylon , as it was in those far off days .
He though it lovely ,he stayed at The  Galle Face Hotel.Near the sea.
Gave strict instructions about his laundry ,Rael Brook Toplin shirts  had  just come  out, non iron .
Yes care would be taken ,so he was surprised on his stroll along the beach to see the laundry man washing them in the sea ,treading them with his feet !
But they were beautiful  when returned.
It was a business trip ,he had been to India first,

Well a cuppa  ,electric blanket on first , and lock up for  the  night.

Hope those still up sleep well. Goodnight.