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Re: Diary > Tuesday 24th November
« Reply #9 on: Wednesday 25 November 20 13:39 GMT (UK) »
Seen little come back response as to the P.M's broadcast of Monday evening.
The restrictions are not much more than what I expected.
What is proposed, know doubt there will be the people who totally ignore the restrictions.
A third spike, is most likely because of total disregard for other people that they come close to.

Again I have had my cancer treatment delayed. Will now possibly not get a renewal / any information of until sometime in the new year?
On stronger guide lines, - I don't think the revellers would still adhere to them.

Just to get past Christmas / New Year and onto Easter is my main New Years Resolution.   Regards Just J
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Re: Diary > Tuesday 24th November
« Reply #10 on: Wednesday 25 November 20 13:53 GMT (UK) »
I agree L.M.and   Caroline , The Government can’t win whatever they do!

Some people seem to be developing the attitude that  regulations are in place to inconvenience them , so will kick against any restrictions .
Then people like Brickwall are left worrying when there are the inevitable  results which mean much worse than just inconvenience  for some.
Wonder how they would have coped if they had to leave their parents’ home to go miles away in service.Maidservants etc .
Lads in the Navy ,years at sea.
Just had a phone call from a long time friend, she was married for nine weeks and her husband went back to sea.Royal Navy.
They were in Arctic waters, then the Med ,then in the Atlantic.
It was two and a half years  before he came home .
That was a long “ furlough “ for them.

No one is really saying it is not hard ,but by comparison it is not so bad.
The danger is from within ,and with hard common sense can be controlled somewhat.
It is boring ,but as Norah Batty said :- “ Boring! There  ‘s nowt wrong with boring! You know where you are with boring!”