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Diary > Tuesday 8th December
« on: Tuesday 08 December 20 23:40 GMT (UK) »
Was woken by next door's dog, the window cleaner was here again. Got up, opened up access, back upstairs out of the way with a cup of tea. Read the good news that the first person to receive the vaccine this morning was a 91 year old lady. Apparently the first man to receive it is actually called William Shakespeare. They were joking on TV that he's been named The Gentleman of Corona.

Have started a couple of books recently on Kindle but discarded them, one made me feel sick in the first chapter, the other was an author's eagerly awaited second book, couldn't believe it was written by the same person. And my bathtime paperback is just slow. Managed to find one that seems a bit more promising.

Lovely sunny morning, had my coat on ready to go out when I realised that although the sun was out it was raining. Took my coat off and sorted out the food cupboard at last, badly needed. Tesco delivery due between one and two, by now it was cold and wet. Had lunch then more sorting out upstairs while I was waiting. Everyone else seems to to have done this sort of thing at the beginning of the first lockdown, I think I was too busy with the garden. Delivery arrived,  usual palaver but I've got it down to a fine art now. Found I'd ordered two lots of frozen Yorkshire puds, had to find room for them. I need to check my order more closely, this is the third time I've over ordered. Wasn't so bad last time when I doubled up on the wine.

After I'd finished the rain had stopped, went out,  no-one on the field, no-one in the woods, it was really cold. One woman was coming towards me on the walkway, I didn't know her but stopped and had a chat about the two dogs she was walking. Back home into the warm, put some recycling in the bin, pulled it through the garage ready to go out later.

Nothing of note later, in fact nothing of note all day but the days seem to pass quite quickly. Maybe because a lot of it seems like night! Dark so early now.

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Re: Diary > Tuesday 8th December
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 09 December 20 00:16 GMT (UK) »
My what a lot of sorting cupboards youíve been doing... Iím thinking I need to do some... OH Would did be delighted if I agreed to it... heíd Chuck everything out given his way....
it was uplifting to see the first people receiving the vaccines... everybody had a smile on their faces and when Matt Hancock was interviewed you could see a great burden had been lifted from him... just need to get everyone done and hope the Oxford/Astra Zeneca one passes the regulators and comes on stream quickly!
Closed the curtains at 3.45 today....

Well there was a frost this morning but not on the ground... still cold and a bit misty.... supposed to be meeting up for a walk with the girls today so after few messages we decided to go out at some washing in... hate having to dry inside but needs must!
It was lovely to go out , have a walk and a chat.... we just did the village walk as thought the fields would be too muddy.... as we got down to the bridge over the brook... guess what we could hear... yes one of the dogs going absolutely mental running up and down barking, growling.... only the one , we decided to walk by not talking not looking at it... theyíve put up an additional fence outside the other one but itís a wire mesh... squares about 6Ē and not high enough in our opinion... it got in between the two fences but not out into the road... no one about and no idea where the other dog was.... we decided to call the police again to report fencing still not adequate and one should not feel terrified to walk past...apart from that incident we enjoyed our walk....
Once home I related what happened to OH and he phoned straight away... our friend did too so weíll  wait to see what the PCSO does now....
Lunch time by the time all was sorted after which we had a game of scrabble and I lost by 2 points... 3 down again 😤😤...
OH started another jigsaw and I decided to carry on writing my cards.... finally finished.. canít believe  that by 8th Dec not only have I made them all but written them too... Iíve got 50 left so good start for next year.... counted up ones to post going to cost me a small fortune... didnít they used to have special prices for Christmas cards in the old days...
Dinner was something quick from the freezer and we were ready for our final zoom Investment club meeting of the year...this coming Friday would be our meal out... we go to a wonderful place every year as the food is exceptional and we donít have to decide on a menu before the night... they treat us very well and we have a great time... sadly not this year.... not sure whatís happened to the place hope it manages to keep going somehow...
Watched some tv.... not sure what Iím going to do now... only got cards for the boys to do, run out of knitting wool.... have to start sewing again I think.... now weíre not going to our daughters for Christmas donít need to cook bits I was going to....ah well just a vaccination to look forward to ... thatís going to be some months away though .... should be feeling euphoric but Iím not!
Thatís it for today... as Roobarb says the days seem to be going quickly thank goodness... never wished my life away before but definitely am at the moment!

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Re: Diary > Tuesday 8th December
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday 09 December 20 09:13 GMT (UK) »
It is remarkable how we can fill our days by not doing very much.
The vaccine should help in most respects... eventually.
Love "The gentleman of Corona". Thanks for that Roobarb.
I have been saving two little books with a Christmas theme to read around the correct time. The one was very short and I finished it inside 2 days. The other is very American, and I am not sure I can be bothered, though it does illustrate a life style of which I know nothing.... eg: apparently car parks in the North, have plug in points to stop cars freezing up during the winter months.
Speaking of which, unusually we had frost on the beach yesterday morning, and in the adjacent park, but it was a sunny morning and not as cold as I expected.
Met up with two ladies for a walk along the sea front and an outdoor coffee.
After lunch H and I walked along the front via the cliff walk. For the second time we saw the peregrine falcon sitting in a tree top, which is almost at eye level because of the cliffs.
That was the peak of the excitement for Tuesday.
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Re: Diary > Tuesday 8th December
« Reply #3 on: Wednesday 09 December 20 14:24 GMT (UK) »
-1 last night - another bitterly cold day and foggy to boot.   Left home at 3pm to drive over to my nephews house for a meeting on the driveway.  Until the arrival of our twins on the 1st. the youngest 'little one' was Ivy-Rose who was 6 yesterday - her first birthday spent at school.   One of the presents from her parents was a set of twin dolls (wanted to be like Auntie Jo) but she hadn't named them yet.   I suggested 'our' twins second names - Maggie and Dottie - and she loved that so Maggie and Dottie they are!   Mum made me a cup of coffee and then Ivy-Rose opened my present and card.   She was delighted and understandably a bit hyper on this special day.   She popped indoors and came out with a scooter (with light up wheels) that she'd had from her Nanny Claire to show me how it worked.   Bless her!  Another present she had was a hamster (her previous one had died last year).   She has named this 'Angel'.

Only there for a short time as it was so cold.   2C in my car but felt like 0C.   Stupidly forgot there were roadworks/diversion on my usual route home so journey took twice as long as it should.   Once home made another cup of coffee to help 'defrost' me and did some jigsaw.  Finally finished it before I went to bed - never done a jigsaw with so much snow (a Dickensian theme).

Received some more photos of the twins - so tiny when you see them in Mum's arms.

Had a phone link up with sister, b-in-law, cousin and her husband for our weekly quiz.   I was the question master this time.   My cousin won so her turn next.

Also put Christmas wreath on the door which finally made me feel a bit Christmassy.

That's about it really - lots of other things I could have done but I didn't.   Manana!

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Re: Diary > Tuesday 8th December
« Reply #4 on: Wednesday 09 December 20 15:25 GMT (UK) »
Still getting that weird error on  Scotland's People when my browser thinks that it is in German.

Massive outbreak of covid at my older daughter's school thanks to someone who knew they had covid hosting a party for their kid's friends so a little angry.

The upside of Covid restrictions though the free downloads from TNA.  Managed to find my daughter's grt grt Grandpa's Naval records. Has a description of him and a list of his ships.  Turns out he was on the Birkenhead at Jutland.
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Re: Diary > Tuesday 8th December
« Reply #5 on: Wednesday 09 December 20 21:52 GMT (UK) »
Wow Pharma, Jutland, Admiral Jellicoe.
You must be very proud.

I did a card delivery walk today, to school ,some staff from my days still there
- and some to neighbours.
Posted those for England.
Walked round the cemetery ,the staff had been pruning ,a Holly tree included .so I asked them if I might have some ,holding a handful!
No berries but still.
Had a joke with a dog Walker re stealing from cemeteries!

Just watched Paul OíGrady on TV
Lovely programme ,working horses in logging woods.
Two, a  Brabander and an Ardennes ,heavy chunky breeds.Belgian.
Used to see a Brabander ploughing etc in the field immediately  next to our garden.Unshod.
My daughter loved to watch.

I have lost a 100 pack of Twinings Lady Grey teabags ,not in my little grocery shop upstairs ,nor cupboards ,but ,some Earl Grey ,!
Have ordered a nice piece of pork loin for Christmas , it  will  be delivered this weekend because I still donít know what I am doing .
I can freeze it, it pains me to freeze good quality meat but the only way .
But he is a Q Butcher ,really god quality.
I hate being in anywhere but my own home when I am not 100%.
Another Drís appointment 18 th December ,so will know better then.

Big Magpie on the platform of the bird table, a blue tit has been visiting ,well might not be the same one.
Hope the Magpie does not mean little birds wonít come.

All cards done and posted ,some hand delivered and those for Belgium,my son will post tomorrow at PO ,need Airmail stickers.

Well ,tidy round ,another cuppa ,antibiotic etc and a bath and bed .
Hope everyone is well abd yes ,how the weeks fly by !
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