Author Topic: Ill-fitting masks  (Read 1937 times)

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Re: Ill-fitting masks
« Reply #72 on: Saturday 12 December 20 17:55 GMT (UK) »
I'm allergic to perfumes amongst other things - not seriously but enough to make life uncomfortable or worse. I carry my own sanitiiser which I use all the time. I've learnt to enter a shop and then stand to one side whilst doing my hands - unlike some others who block the doors. The smell of some of the sanitisers the few shops I've been in , set me off sneezing or coughing - last thing you want when there's covid around. My daughter says one shop the sanitiser smells like tequila, which I wouldn't know as I don't drink. I find masks helpful now as the smell of other ladies generous perfumes is muted behind the mask!
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Re: Ill-fitting masks
« Reply #73 on: Saturday 12 December 20 20:05 GMT (UK) »

I wonder how many shop/garden centre products have been tested at the end of a day to see if they do carry traces of virus.  I would be very interested in the result.

I don't know if retail goods have been tested in real life conditions.
as far as I know the virus doesn't survive as long in open air. Garden centre is one of the few places I'm relaxed about visiting. I don't have a car so have only gone (twice this year) to the one I can walk to. I won't be visiting the one at the far side of town until next summer as the journey involves 2 bus journeys each way + a wait at the bus station. I judge that travelling on a bus is a greater risk to my health than being in a draughty garden centre.  I usually cleaned or washed my hands after leaving a garden centre pre-Covid, washed hands after unpacking purchases at home, and washed them again after using/planting the items I'd bought, so no real change.
I went on my first Covid long-distance bus journey (40 minutes) last week to a hospital appointment. Man across aisle from me wore his mask below his nose. Average of 6 passengers on a big bus on outward & return journeys. I took my own hand-sanitiser + spare disposable mask.
I've worn disposable masks only for medical appointments. I've bought a few washable ones. Otherwise, for brief visits to local shops, I improvise with tea-towels which are worn once then put in a 60 degrees wash-load. Often I'm the sole customer in a shop. 4 of the shops have a constant change of air from open doors.
The law in Scotland is to wear a face-covering, it doesn't specify a mask. Religious face-coverings count so I made use of my large stock of tea-towels. 
My area was in Tier 4 until yesterday.