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Festive season 2020.
« on: Sunday 20 December 20 22:48 GMT (UK) »

Well the tree is up, decorated and lit.

Outside lights are up and twinkling away, the lighted star is there to guide Santa.  I even fixed the loose roof ridge tiles that he dislodged last year.

I made the mistake of wearing my red jacket and hat whilst putting up the outside lights much to the amusement of my neighbours and did receive quite a few cryptic comments, some folks are being reported to Santa for their behaviour in that respect.

The presents are all wrapped and apart from two all posted or ready for handover.

Damn, I forgot to feed the cake ................ OK cake now fed.

Cousin rang today to apologise for his presents being late and no card, it will be February at the earliest, he was flooded out two weeks ago and his car and his electric bike written off so he is stuck five miles from the nearest town and has no bus service but with his health issues he could not use public transport anyway.  So he will be all on his own this year unless his mate with whom he has his bubble drives down to his house.

Tomorrow is ASDA delivery day for our Christmas shop, now if it fails then it will be whatever we have in the freezer.  I even ordered a bottle of sherry, and the usual goodies to eat plus the mincemeat is already in the cupboard as is the Christmas Pud.

Only thing I have not been able to get is a stalk of sprouts plus the weather has not been right for sprouts, they have to be subjected to a few frost cycles to bring out their flavour.

So unless things change tomorrow we are meeting our Daughter and Grandkids Tuesday for the prezzie exchange in a covid safe manner.


Alas we will not be having family around to our house on the big day, it will be Facetime on Christmas morning.

Stay safe and have as great a time as you can over the festive season.


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Re: Festive season 2020.
« Reply #1 on: Monday 21 December 20 00:06 GMT (UK) »
Like you Biggles- the trees 🌲 been up since last Monday, we have an angel on the top of ours!
Our outside lights stay up all year round under the outside porch and just require their annual switch on... compared with our neighbour over the road whose house is a long low barn style with white dancing flashing lights ( good job we can’t see them as they’d drive you insane) our just come on and stay on no fancy antics!

Luckily presents for the family were all wrapped up as we made a mad spur of the moment dash drive to London and back yesterday evening stood on their doorstep for a swap over of pressies quick  chat and home again whole activity was under 4 hours!
No meeting up with them at NT as planned, we’re on our own and so are they 😢😢
Zoom on Christmas Day to see them all and watch boys unwrap presents, raise a glass and have lunch together remotely...

Best wishes to everyone else for whatever you’re all doing.... not to be forgotten!

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Re: Festive season 2020.
« Reply #2 on: Tuesday 22 December 20 12:17 GMT (UK) »
Christmas Tree up and pressies all wrapped.  :D :D

Turkey and trimmings in the freezer as we bought it last week........ note to self Remember to take it out and defrost in time for cooking on Christmas Day  ;) ;)

We (me, him indoors and the dug) will be home alone on the Big Day.  :'( :'(

Family will pop down at some point to sit outside in the garden and shout "Ho Ho Ho" all suitably distanced of course. I hope they will not freeze as I will not be able to take them indoors to defrost   :) :)

Merry Christmas to you all

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Re: Festive season 2020.
« Reply #3 on: Tuesday 22 December 20 13:20 GMT (UK) »
My tree went up on the last Sunday in November! Been lit up every day since.

As I can't get across this year (i.e. to England/UK) all my shopping was done online, and all have been delivered.

The only thing I had to post myself was 2 boned-and-rolled Loaghtan joints. These, too have arrived safely.
(Loaghtan is the indigenous sheep of the Isle of Man; brown wool; 4 or 6 horns; gamier flavour than lamb).

Christmas Day I have to walk a few hundred yards to a friend's house. He is entertaining a dozen of us who are single - his "waifs and strays".
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