Author Topic: WW2 British uniform question  (Read 672 times)

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Re: WW2 British uniform question
« Reply #27 on: Sunday 03 January 21 11:18 GMT (UK) »
No I can't, not even in blow-up !
By "his right arm" I mean "his right" as opposed to the arm on the right hand side looking at the photo !

PS : Medpat
I wondered about sight too but he seems able to focus on the camera OK in both shots, not that that necessarily means he could see it.
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Re: WW2 British uniform question
« Reply #28 on: Sunday 10 January 21 16:08 GMT (UK) »
I do so wish people wouldn't put this sort of photo on the site* - I now can't stop wondering what the story was. Intriguing. Are you sure it wasn't her father?

(* I'm joking - I actually enjoy these sorts of mysteries, but it just stops me from what I'm supposed to be doing!)

I think someone else has suggested trying to find their marriage certificates or marriage record. I do hope you are able to solve this mystery.
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Re: WW2 British uniform question
« Reply #29 on: Monday 11 January 21 21:33 GMT (UK) »
Good evening,

NCO's chevrons were worn on both sleeves of service dress and greatcoats. On battledress and shirts on right arm only in my time as per dress regs 1950. I am not sure whether that goes for dress regs 1934 as well which is what they would come under.

The 2nd photo shows more army personnel than RAF, another corporal on left of photo and all the men in back row. The chap holding the brides hand has a flash on his upper arm with lettering but unable to read it.

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