Author Topic: Diary - Wednesday, 6 January 2021  (Read 173 times)

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Diary - Wednesday, 6 January 2021
« on: Wednesday 06 January 21 23:35 GMT (UK) »
I have finished my first 12 hour day shift since after Christmas tonight.  It is bitterly cold and misty and the ground is starting to frost up.  When I reached Newcastle I saw that the Christmas lights are still up on Northumberland Street but the place feels quite deserted.  Not many people at the bus station and no rough sleepers observed tonight.  There is an eerie silence about the place and it feels obvious we are in another lockdown.  Only one other and me on second bus going home.  I feel really tired, cold and hungry now.  I plan on having a bowl of porridge and some tea soon and then straight to bed.
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Re: Diary - Wednesday, 6 January 2021
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 06 January 21 23:50 GMT (UK) »
I hope you're soon home and warm RTL, it's been such a cold day I'm not surprised it's bitterly cold tonight. Good idea to have porridge, nice and warming, I'm pleased to hear that your buses were running as normal. Hope the rest of your shifts go well.

My day:

Once again I laid awake for hours, managed five hours sleep this time but only because I slept very late. Didn't do a lot during the rest of the morning, just read, caught up with the news and got things ready for my grocery delivery between twelve and one. That arrived about 12.15, the driver put the crates outside the door but didn't pull the handles back, they were very stiff and I think the official intention is that only the driver touches them and I just take the liners out with the groceries inside. However, I didn't have much option, I had to wrench the handles back before I could take the liner out. One of those was very heavy, too much in it in my opinion. There were two substitutions, instead of the four pint carton of milk there were two cartons of two pints and instead of my orange juice with bits they'd sent the smooth one. I've been ordering these items with every order for months and never had substitutions. Are people really stockpiling perishables like milk and orange juice? Absolutely and utterly ridiculous. At least I got the bread I like.
 Got everything put away then made a cheese and beetroot sandwich for lunch, left my apple for later.

It had been raining but by then it had stopped and the sun came out so I got wrapped up and went out. Every day I think about how I'm fed up of walking around the same areas but I do enjoy it when I get out and when I walk through the woods it's always changing. Extremely muddy today.

When I got home I had my apple and caught up on RC  then cleaned the bathroom, emptied the dishwasher and other thrilling things. My friend L phoned, we were both feeling a bit fed up today although unlike me she'd been okay yesterday. We had a good moan about the anti vaccine people, panic buyers etc. Was good to have a chat. We'll see each other on the art class Zoom on Friday.

Salmon for tea, new potatoes, roast peppers and tomatoes, peas. And for dessert I had Christmas pudding! Two treats in two days, I don't often have things like that, back to the berries and yogurt tomorrow.
The evening just passed by, they're all pretty much the same.
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Re: Diary - Wednesday, 6 January 2021
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 07 January 21 00:41 GMT (UK) »
Hope you get a nice restful sleep RTL.... I’m sure you’re going to be doing another day shift tomorrow... pleased to hear the buses are working for you and no icy blasts coming through open door! Let’s hope the rough sleepers have all been found somewhere warm to hunker down...

Roobarb- I know how you feel with the sleeping situation... read for ages last night before turning out my light!
Good to get out though to have a change of scenery...  keep your spirits up it’s not easy I know..

My day
As I’ve just said it was late when I turned my light out... had forgotten to switch my iPad to ‘do not disturb’ so got woken up at 3.30 with a message from my son and more pictures of the pool house build... no rain so he’d got on well... his wife’s now decided she wants a window in one side so he’s got to do a bit of tweaking then find a window!
Got back to sleep and woke at normal sort of time...
After breakfast OH started to take down the decorations... had a call from a friend so had a chat with her...
Finished doing the decorations reboxing things carefully....
why is it that lights never go back quite the same way they came out!
Had a struggle getting one of the sections of the tree apart... I was expecting us to both land up in a heap on the floor and we were both pulling and it suddenly came apart... but all was ok...
Got everything in the big boxes to go up in the loft then looked round and discovered there were a few bits we’d missed!
Lunchtime by now ....finally finished off the last of the turkey in a sandwich!
Decided to clean the bathrooms after vacuuming the downstairs ...
OH managed to get through to the dog warden and had long chat... next steps to be taken after he’d spoken to his boss as they’ve had more official complaints...
Read for a while then we were just about to play scrabble when some friends  video called... we’d not spoken to them for awhile...
I won today’s game....just so now we’re level again...
We weren’t very hungry so I just made us omelettes which we had with cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes OH had ham and I had smoked salmon and peas...
Watched question time .... lots of good questions with not too many good answers!
Watched some Netflix till quite late...
Dreadful figures again today... it’s very worrying... can’t say I’m looking forward to shopping tomorrow... but needs must...
Bitterly cold today too... fog due tomorrow and snow so far though..

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