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Re: Dna matches
« Reply #9 on: Tuesday 19 January 21 17:26 GMT (UK) »
I agree on this suggestion, and to be honest, it didnt take me very long.  I watched a Youtube video, on DNA help for Genealogists (UK) (facebook site). Click on Announcement 1 and it has a link to youtube video. Think it may be freely available on Youtube now actually.  After watching it, I did all 3 spreadsheets for the 3 accounts I run all in 1 afternoon.  I set up 1 spreadsheet, then copied it for the other 2. Didnt really take me long.

I have previously done auto-clustering of my Ancestry matches using Genetic Affairs, but now (well for about a year I think), Ancestry won't allow them to access our accounts, and my matches have changes quite a lot ( quite a few, even close ones), which could make a diference. Point being I cant upgrade it, so the leeds method is a good substitute at the moment!!.
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Re: Dna matches
« Reply #10 on: Wednesday 20 January 21 05:01 GMT (UK) »
Thankyou everyone for your input.