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Home Front deserters
« on: Monday 25 January 21 18:08 GMT (UK) »
I'm hoping someone might be able to help with this query.        I'm doing some research for a book which involves someone who deserted from the Home Front in Scotland in June 1918.    He was in the Labour Corps     I have his slightly mangled Service Record and can see that the Army made enquiries and went looking for him at the close of the war.   There is a note on the file showing that they were given his last known place of abode.    However, I can find no record of them ever finding him, or dealing with him in any way.

I know that he continued to live in Scotland under his own name for the rest of his life.    So, what might be the explanation of how the Army dealt with his desertion?   

If anyone can throw any light on this, I would be most grateful.     I have Googled until I am nearly cross eyed, but cannot find any references that deal with this particular situation.    Thank you.
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Re: Home Front deserters
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday 26 January 21 12:18 GMT (UK) »
Desertion was dealt with in 2 ways, execution & imprisonment.
As he wasn't in a theatre of war he would have been Court Martialed followed by imprisonment in a military prison with hard labour.
1 year is the minimum he would have got.
After making enquiries the Army would have handed it over to the civilian police.
They may have made their own enquiries after that but wouldn't have spent that much time on it.
If he'd come to their attention at a later date for an unrelated offense he would have been handed over to the Army.
I'm pretty sure he spent the next few years looking over his shoulder but he looks like he got away with it as many men did.
Had he been arrested & imprisoned it would be on his service record.
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