Author Topic: Another AncestryDNA Query - Interpreting Ethnicity Estimate  (Read 447 times)

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Re: Another AncestryDNA Query - Interpreting Ethnicity Estimate
« Reply #9 on: Monday 01 February 21 13:24 GMT (UK) »
Maybe don't give up on John Mealy being the Daddy yet. There are many reasons they may not have married; either of them could have been married already or there have been some other barrier to it. If Mary was recorded as 'free', perhaps they were waiting for her freedom to marry. There's quite a bit on-line about slavery in St Helena at that time and how slaves could borrow money from the EIC to buy their freedom.

It's also possible they left the marriage until the children came along. I've seen something similar a couple of times in India where British soldiers had families with local ladies but didn't marry them or bp the children until they were about to bring them all back to the UK.

I also wonder at their daughter being called Isabella and when she was named. If she was known as Isabella from birth, it could imply John had a hand in naming her. I suppose her name may have been changed to Isabella at the baptism, but would they do this when the child was already two years old?

As for the DNA, as acorngen says, the Celtic genes are similar and the various websites not always accurate. One of my own matches is heavily Irish and their ancestors went to the US early in the 1800s so little chance of dilution before they went. Ancestry says they are 60% Scottish when it's more like 60% Irish.

If you can find out more about the Mealy family in Ireland and add them to your tree, Ancestry may find some common ancestors from this family group in other of your Mum's DNA matches (presuming the tree is linked to her kit).

By the way, did Isabella fib about her age in UK censuses? Her DOB is recorded as c. ten years later in most of them.