Author Topic: How much salt  (Read 662 times)

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Re: How much salt
« Reply #9 on: Saturday 13 February 21 13:15 GMT (UK) »
Surely nobody on this forum believes in the "ethnicity" estimates?
They're just guesswork.  That's not what we paid our money for (though, judging by the number of mystery matches, mainly in the USA, I'm wondering just why we take a DNA test at all).
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Re: How much salt
« Reply #10 on: Saturday 13 February 21 21:26 GMT (UK) »
I took it because I knew there was a NPE in the family.  I didnít know about ethnicity, but now it is a case of what do they say now?  Will they match paper trail?   Not really. 
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Re: How much salt
« Reply #11 on: Saturday 13 February 21 22:18 GMT (UK) »
My DNA ethnicity gives the following results-
English 42.6 %
Irish, Scottish, Welsh 23.4 %
Scandinavian 20.8 %
Iberian 11.7 %
Italian 1.4 %

One Irish grandparent with Scottish ancestry back in 1700s & one German grandparent, my Dutch ancestors don't seem to have made any contribution, no known Iberian connections in the last 200 or so years but I'm sure the 1.4 % Italian is because a Ventian contessa wanted to adopt my father when he was a child  ;D
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