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Re: 1st cousins
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unless I'd totally misunderstood cousins marrying would give a higher relationship reading for subsequent descendants.
I found it interesting that some 1st cousins decentants of 1st cousins marriage could show up as 1/2 siblings

As always...the info. is based on 'likelihood' i.e. 'predicted'...they cannot tell for certain what the relationship is as it's based on cMs etc...

This is a note from 23andme as to my brother's relationship with a 'predicted' 3rd cousin who I have been in contact with, received info. from her as to her parents & g/parents re dates/places which I've been able to match up as a definite 3rd cousin from my own paper trail along with the 3rd cousins limited info. on names/dates of her g/parents from the birth cert. of her father...

We do share 2 x g g/parents as 'predicted' although I was of an open mind it could be a generation further back.
Our ancestors were from a small Scottish Island & like many rural areas as well as close-knit communities not rural, many people married relations whether knowingly or not as I've found in my research over the years...

"You and (name removed) may share a set of great-great-grandparents. You could also be from different generations (removed cousins) or share only one ancestor (half cousins).

I hope this helps?

South Uist, Inverness-shire, Scotland:- Bowie, Campbell, Cumming, Currie

Ireland:- Cullen, Flannigan (Derry), Donahoe/Donaghue (variants) (Cork), McCrate (Tipperary), Mellon, Tol(l)and (Donegal & Tyrone)

Newcastle-on-Tyne/Durham (Northumberland):- Harrison, Jude, Kemp, Lunn, Mellon, Robson, Stirling

Kettering, Northampton:- MacKinnon

Canada:- Callaghan, Cumming, MacPhee