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1841 Census
« on: Thursday 04 March 21 23:21 GMT (UK) »
Hi all Im trying to find the 1841 census record for Curban NSW,
The book "9 Dormer, M., 1983. The Bushmanís Arms" says that the 1841 census show there was 17 people living there but Ive tried searching the states census records for the town including various spelling also nearby towns and nothing shows up and county (Bligh) am I missing something?
In the 1830 Curban was known as Bennetts-run then Kirban now Curban

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Re: 1841 Census
« Reply #1 on: Friday 05 March 21 00:56 GMT (UK) »
It might be one of the areas where only statistical information survives with no heads of households named.  The 13 adult males, two adult females and two female children may be the best you can hope for.

Debra  :)

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Re: 1841 Census
« Reply #2 on: Friday 05 March 21 05:41 GMT (UK) »
You've probably already seen most of it, but just in case ...

In 1848, Bennetís Curban Run is located in the Bligh District (
NB Bligh district was proclaimed in 1839 ( and can be viewed on this 1841 map:

These are the Bligh listings that I can find in the 1841 census:

#                            Residence                                Surname   First Name
 1   Wellington, County Bligh, District Wellington   AUSTIN   Jonathon
 2   Wellington, County Bligh, District Wellington   CLAYTON   James
 3   Wellington, County Bligh, District Wellington   COLE      Thomas
 4   Wellington, County Bligh, District Wellington   CALEY   Charles
 5   Wellington, County Bligh, District Wellington   DUTTON   James
 6   Wellington, County Bligh, District Wellington   GREENAWAY   Thomas
 7   Wellington, County Bligh, District Wellington   KABLE     George
 8   Wellington, County Bligh, District Wellington   LAHY      Michael
 9   Wellington, County Bligh, District Wellington   PICKERING   John
10   Wellington, County Bligh, District Wellington   REARDON   Michael
11   Wellington, County Bligh, District Wellington   SMITH     James
12   Wellington, County Bligh, District Wellington   SMITH     Robert
13   Wellington, County Bligh, District Wellington   SULLIVAN   Thomas
14   Wellington, County Bligh, District Wellington   O'SHEA   Michael
15   Wellington, County Bligh, District Wellington   WATSON   William (Rev)