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Re: Stolen Images ?
« Reply #36 on: Monday 22 March 21 15:38 GMT (UK) »
@ Maiden Stone

Thank you most sincerely for you comprehensive and very useful replies
The possibility that one of the figures in the picture was my grandmother’s mother is alluring
If it was her, I may be able to theoretically identify others.


On another tangent. I remember reading something about either either KG or JKJ staying at Charlton On Otmoor and getting inspiration for their work there. By chance perhaps, it just happens to be where my grandfather”s grandfather originated from. Of course, that connection is very tenuous and it is unlikely that there is any real connection with my ggm.

 Rembember, unless one really knows, one never knows.
Kirtland (Oxfordshire Windsor, Berkshire)
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Re: Stolen Images
« Reply #37 on: Saturday 27 March 21 02:19 GMT (UK) »
The photo was taken by Henry Taunt, who died in 1922. He was quite a well known photographer.

The original copyright would have been with him and his heritors for 70 years after his death.


Henry Taunt began his photographic career as assistant to the first commercial photographer in Oxford. He later set up business on his own account.
Henry W. Taunt & Co., publishers, artists, photographers, picture frame manufacturers. Shop in Broad St., Oxford. Lost lease on his shop in 1894 and filed for bankruptcy. After discharge from bankruptcy he began to work from home on ideas for books and guides documenting counties surrounding Oxfordshire.
 He had no children. His housekeeper was the main beneficiary of his will. Following Taunt's death, many of his  glass slides were destroyed by the purchaser of his house. An Oxford librarian/archivist rescued surviving slides, negatives and photos.
 Majority of Taunt's surviving images are held by English Heritage and Oxfordshire County Council.
Editors of the photo journal "Picture Post" may have paid a licensing fee to one of those organisations or to whoever held the copyright, depending on copyright law at the time. "Picture Post" was published 1938-1957.
There was an exhibition "In the Footsteps of Henry Taunt". The associated website has a photo of Taunt's shop.

Looking through a collection of Henry Taunt postcards I was extremely surprised to find one of my own house!  Unrecognisable to most people as it was taken from the rear. 
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