Author Topic: Date of photo taken by 'Hawker & Son, Newbury'  (Read 270 times)

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Re: Date of photo taken by 'Hawker & Son, Newbury'
« Reply #9 on: Friday 02 April 21 22:47 BST (UK) »
Considering her probable age, Husband or son??   ;)

Gaunt, Ransom, McNally, Stanfield, Kimberley. (Tasmania)
Brown, Johnstone, Eskdale, Brand  (Dumfriesshire,  Scotland)
Booth, Bruerton, Deakin, Wilkes, Kimberley
(Warwicks, Staffords)
Gaunt (Yorks)
Percy, Dunning, Hyne, Grigg, Farley (Devon, UK)
Duncan (Fife, Devon), Hugh, Blee (Cornwall)
Green, Mansfield, (Herts)
Cavenaugh, Ransom (Middlesex)

 Census information Crown Copyright, from