Author Topic: Records for John Joseph Holt  (Read 214 times)

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Re: Records for John Joseph Holt
« Reply #9 on: Thursday 01 April 21 15:06 BST (UK) »
Building on Judith information the UK outward passenger record shows further details for that passenger.

Holt John, Aged 29. Last address- 32 Seansbrick Drive Norris Green.
A storeman. Embarked London. Scheduled for Australia.

A quick google and Norris Green does seem to be in Liverpool ;D

Yes Norris Green is in Liverpool! I still live in the city and actually work not too far from the area.
Many thanks

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Re: Records for John Joseph Holt
« Reply #10 on: Friday 02 April 21 02:37 BST (UK) »
A massive thank you to all have answered! 
I have managed to get hold of his death certificate  and it does state he wasn't maried. 
It has answered some questions and in turn opened up so many more (as usual!).  Where the story came from that he 'jumped ship' is a mystery. I do know that his father tried until his death to find him, with no success.  I may have a little dig around Miriam Hazel Holt, to see if I can find anything on her.
Again, many thanks to to you all x

Sad to hear how his father searched for him.
Family information about Miriam Hazel is readily available and if you need assistance, many here will help.
Briefly, she was Australian born 1916, one of a large family, her father being one Godfrey MacDonald who, over 2 marriages to 2 different women (both named Jessie), produced 16 or 17 children ;D


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