Author Topic: Tubb Family Surname - Trengove, Cornwall/Black Patch, Smethwick  (Read 104 times)

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Tubb Family Surname - Trengove, Cornwall/Black Patch, Smethwick
« on: Wednesday 31 March 21 14:00 BST (UK) »

Thanks for taking the time in reading my post! My name is Matt and I have recently been advised that my surname is one that descends from Cornwall (1600's). I work as an estate agent in Birmingham and whilst on viewing, the person who was interested advised me of my name descending from Cornwall and more specifically Trengove near Redruth. He has recently sent me a word document that briefly summarises "The surname Tubb was first found in Cornwall where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor of Trengoff. Trengoff or Trengove as it is called today, is a small village near Redruth." I wondered if anybody had more on this or had photos of the persons in question, I have searched the web but don't seem to be very lucky.

We have had others carry out work on our family name previously and traced them most recently to Smethwick in Birmingham, more specifically a place called 'The Black Patch', a travelling community that consisted of a king and queen and multiple children. There was further rumours that one of these people that were born here, grew up to become the famous Charlie Chaplin after he had ran away. Years later when Chaplin passed away, it was said that his daughter and son attended his office in London where he had a large desk. Inside one of the drawers, he held letters that were very important compared to all of the other fan mail. One of these letters was from a traveller, calling Chaplin out for his 'traitor' behaviour and their anger that he had turned his back on his roots 'you're a liar, you were born on the black patch'. As a family, we picked up our interest up again when we were watching Peaky Blinders and a mention of Charlie Chaplin appeared with the main character 'Thomas Shelby' also saying "he's from the black patch".

I suppose my question is, would the Tubbs of Trengove have any links to these travellers, I think we'd be looking at around 300 years between both and as anyone knows, a lot can change in this amount of time.

If anyone has photos, supporting pieces or more information as to the family line, I would be massively grateful. I do wish to travel to Redruth the next time I am in Cornwall, but would like to know who it was that was there, and their role in the history. A place will always mean a lot more if you have blood there.

Thank you again for taking the time in reading this post!

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Re: Tubb Family Surname - Trengove, Cornwall/Black Patch, Smethwick
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 01 April 21 09:19 BST (UK) »
Hiya Matt and a warm welcome to Rootschat

Tubb - was Tubbe in the 1500's in Trengoffe ( with an E )
I haven't read all  10 PAGES -
have a trawl through these
I put in 1600 - 1652 ( end of the Civil War )

you may get more results for Trengoffe / Trengrove if you put in 1600-1700

Tubb / Tubbe 1600-1652,+England,+United+Kingdom&zonegeo__1__=&zonegeo__2__=&zonegeo__3__=&zonegeo__4__=
William Tubb born 1470 Trengoffe ,Cornwall
on it is his father William Tubb born 1435 - but in Trenay - not Trengoffe - so it is possible William Tubb b 1470 was the first in Trengoffe ???   
Trenay to Trengove is 40 miles

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