Author Topic: Brickwall on Armerican arrival, 1877 -1881?  (Read 96 times)

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Brickwall on Armerican arrival, 1877 -1881?
« on: Monday 05 April 21 10:36 BST (UK) »
Hi to all,
Hoping someone can supply information / guide me in the right direction.??
What I am asking mainly for is for information on how to find / access Ships passenger records across the Atlantic between the years of 1877 & 1900.?

This is a Brickwall of a Brickwall that has been a problem to the family for quite some time on both sides of the Atlantic.?
It concerns an Ancestor, my G / Grandfather's Brother, who was born in Liverpool, Lancashire 1854 ??.
He has Married in 1874 and with his English wife he has four children in England by the end of year 1881.

The 1881 Census is the last English Census found of him being in England.

By 1883 his English Wife has remarried. (  Assume bigamously.?? )

The next Census/es that he appears on are American 1900 - 1910 and the 1920 Censuses.
He himself ( bigamously?? ) Marries in America in 1896, and has four Children born by 1920. He dies in Jan.1930.

This is where both the English / American Family/s are confused ( Brickwall? ) as to what the American Censuses show / reveal.?
These three censuses they have him of arriving / entering America between 1877 and 1881.?? - No earlier American Census has been found on him before 1900.?

 ( English records have him of Fathering three? English Chlidren between 1876 and 1881? )
 ( American Censuses  have him of being in America since 1877.? )
This info is / has been conflicting to both Family's on each side of the Atlantic on what to believe?

As to what records show, just how has he or someone managed to Father Children in England as the 1881 Census show's and also be able to be in America between the same years? of 1877-1881?

As then the only way across the Atlantic was by Ship ( 1877 - 1881? ). I am  looking / searching for information of how to search Ships Passenger Lists of that time for my Great Grandfather's Brother.
When he went to America he changed his name from Harry Wentzell b 1854/6 to Harry Sadler/Saddler.

Appreciate any help / advice, Thank you,
 and thank you for taking the time to read my post   Best Regards Just J

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Re: Brickwall on Armerican arrival, 1877 -1881?
« Reply #1 on: Monday 05 April 21 10:39 BST (UK) »
Have you checked the Ellis Island website
Census Information is Crown Copyright, from

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Re: Brickwall on Armerican arrival, 1877 -1881?
« Reply #2 on: Monday 05 April 21 11:13 BST (UK) »
Ellis Island officially opened as an immigration station on January 1, 1892

Family search have some New York Passenger Lists 1820 - 1891

Harry could have arrived at other destinations ?  Canada would also be a possibility, it was cheaper to travel to Canada than the USA at that time.

If you have found him in 1881, surely it would be unlikely he was on a passenger lists 1877 - 1881
It is not uncommon for immigration years to vary on US census, sometimes not accurate at all.

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Census information is Crown Copyright

British Census copyright The National Archives; Canadian Census copyright Library and Archives Canada

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Re: Brickwall on Armerican arrival, 1877 -1881?
« Reply #3 on: Monday 05 April 21 12:02 BST (UK) »
This could be him :

Hy Wentzell 26 b abt 1855
dep Liverpool
arr Quebec 2 May 1881
ship : Polynesian
Census information  Crown Copyright