Author Topic: Brickwall on Armerican arrival, 1877 -1881?  (Read 555 times)

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Re: Brickwall on Armerican arrival, 1877 -1881?
« Reply #9 on: Thursday 25 November 21 12:01 GMT (UK) »
I'm descended from Harry Wentzell Saddler's oldest son, Perry. Any light that can be shed on this bizarre family would be so greatly appreciated.

I think it's likely that Harry's grandfather, not his father, was lost at sea.

 ***** Upto yet there is no Wentzell record found of any person dying/being lost at sea?

  Harry's Grandfather, if it was Albert Wentzell as the Father,would have been 
  JAMES JOHN WENTZELL b 1816. d 1863

  No birth certificate has yet been found on HARRY b 1854-Liverpool-Oct 28

  I have an understanding that JAMES JOHN WENTZELL could also be 
  HARRY's Father. As we have not ( yet ?) located a B.C for HARRY b 1854, but
  what we do have is B.C for ALFRED who was born 1856/7. 
  This certificate shows a JAMES WENTZELL as ALFRED's Father.?
  If JAMES JOHN was the Father of HARRY -- GOTTLEIP ( JOHN ) WENTZELL, who
  died in 1841, Cripplegate, would then be HARRY's  Great Gandfather instead.

  HARRY's obituary I do take it as being totally false / misleading ??

  Again taking into account of who the Father is, is JAMES WENTZELL the JAMES
  JOHN WENTZELL b 1816 or is he the son JAMES THOMAS WENTZELL who was
  born 1837
  JAMES THOMAS WENTZELL began a 20 year Army in 1858. He was discharged 
  from service in 1878.
  When discharged from his 20 year device, JAMES THOMAS Marries a SARAH
  WILSON in Hounslow,Middx.
  Their Marriage Certificate has his Father entered as JAMES THOMAS WENTZELL
   and not JAMES JOHN ??

  ALFRED's b.c details are the only document details that has a JAMES WENTZELL 
  as his/their Father ?? ****

as listed on the 1861, 1871, and 1881 UK Census as being a fireman on a steam boat. Albert's father, James John Wentzell was a marine engineer and died in 1863. I can't find a death record for Albert, and there's a widowed Albert Wentzell living in the poorhouse in the 1901 and 1911 Census records. His profession is "stoker." If this is our Albert, he definitely didn't go down with the ship.

Here's Harry's obituary. Take it with large grains of salt.
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Elliott WALWORTH / 1700 -1960's
Lepine FRANCE/KENT/WALWORTH/1550's-1950's

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Re: Brickwall on Armerican arrival, 1877 -1881?
« Reply #10 on: Thursday 25 November 21 12:10 GMT (UK) »
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Sounds like a very interesting ancestor you share, good luck in your research!
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