Author Topic: Isabel Bennet: have I solved a puzzle?  (Read 124 times)

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Isabel Bennet: have I solved a puzzle?
« on: Wednesday 28 April 21 20:28 BST (UK) »
Isabell Everard was baptised in Thurlaston, Leicestershire, in 1740, daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth. She married Thomas Bennet in 1765. In 1770 Thomas and Isabell Bennet had a daughter Isabell baptised in Thurlaston. This is the only baptism of an Isabel Bennet Iíve found here. (They also had a daughter named Ann, see below.)

In 1775 Thomas Bennet was buried in Thurlaston.

In 1788 Richard Woodward married Isabell Bennet in Thurlaston. One witness was a Sarah Everard.

In 1792 Michael Taylor married Isabell Bennet in Thurlaston. Ann Bennet was a witness.
Isabel Taylor died in Thurlaston in 1841, aged 71. The 1770 baptism of Isabel Bennet fits her. Michael Taylor died in 1838 and ďfriend Thomas EverardĒ was an executor of his will.

Isabel Woodward was buried in 1824 in Thurlaston aged 84. Richard and Isabel Woodward seem to have had no children when he left  a will in 1816/17, for which the age of his bride could be one possible explanation. (Iím pretty sure that Richard Woodward was the uncle of George Woodward who would later marry Michael and Isabel Taylorís daughter Isabel in Thurlaston. Both were butchers in Thurlaston, George possibly succeeding to Richardís business.)

The 1788 marriage record of Richard and Isabel does not give the marital status of either party. In view of all the above does it look as though Richardís wife was in fact very likely the widow of Thomas Bennet?