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Keep trying
« on: Thursday 29 April 21 17:32 BST (UK) »
I broke a brick wall that I had been trying to get through for about 4 years.  My Ancestor had a tragic life, she had 7 children with her husband, 6 died and then her husband died.

She had my 4 x great grandfather and he inherited her dead husbands name 'Jordan'.  My brother is waiting for Y700 results to see if we can get some history for Squires father that way.

Anyway, her surviving daughter had illegitimate twin girls, one who died shortly after birth.  I found deaths for both Ann and her daughter Rosa but I couldn't find out what had happened to the grand daughter, nor could I find any of them on the 1841 census but I knew Ann and Rosa and hopefully the grand daughter Ann were alive then.

Anyway, I had a brainwave to try the name 'Rosamond' in the census for Bury 1841 and I found them!!!  The surname had been transcribed as Surden or something instead of Jordan.  They lived together, grandma Ann, daughter Rosamond and Ann grand daughter.  Ann was 25 and single so I decided to see if I could find a marriage for her in later life.  Sure enough, she married a publican when she was 43 and her father was on her wedding registration!!!  He was a manufacturer. 

Unfortunately Ann Waters (as she became) didn't have any children but I got a lot of comfort thinking that her father possibly helped them and that they all lived together probably quite comfortably despite so much tragedy early on for the 2 older women.  And of course the young Ann got married later so wasn't on her own for the rest of her life.

So, this is the second time I have had long term brick walls due to records being transcribed incorrectly.  You have to keep at it. 

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Re: Keep trying
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 29 April 21 20:18 BST (UK) »
Well done, Lindy.  You're so right, you have to keep trying.  As someone said to me once, it's all there somewhere, you just have to keep looking. 
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