Author Topic: Diary Thursday 6th May  (Read 1154 times)

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Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
« Reply #27 on: Saturday 08 May 21 15:58 BST (UK) »
Thanks for all the info and the connection to Which,
I have the blurb from the new double bed I bought a couple of years ago and which I have not slept in yet!
So this afternoon I ha pd a lie down,it is comfy but of course  is quite firm by comparison.Not uncomfortable though.
I will phone the firm on Monday ,their retail outlet is open again it seems .
They have a sale in I til Tuesday but that !wont make me rush into anything!
Well it was bucketing down so chickened out re market and had a lie down instead !
I must say when I lay down,my aches seemed to subside ,just my knee hurt .
Oh isnt life fun when you are bed hopping ,in the nicest possible way of course?
I think I am seeing things the sky is getting brighter ,just a little ,the houses opposite me face due South and the sun will have by now moved round to the South,not exactly shining but sky is brighter.

A Quorn peppered steak for tea with onion rings,chips of course and peas and broccoli .
A naughty slice of lemon cake for pud.

Thanks again for all your help ,if the weather is kinder tomorrow I can get cards from The supermarket, but like the little shop ,they have lovely ones with nature photographs and no sloppy words!
Well cheerio again ,you are all very kind .

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Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
« Reply #28 on: Sunday 09 May 21 10:24 BST (UK) »
Rosie, I did find turning over a problem too, but my hip was fine when I bought it.  A couple of weeks in, my body had adjusted.  I also have a memory foam pillow that has a coolant in it,

I was having to sit myself up so that I could turn over, so far from ideal.  We kept the bed for about a year, only because it was expensive it would have gone earlier otherwise.  OH was hot as well so not just a 'woman' thing  :).  I did try a cotton mattress topper to try and cool things down to no avail.

Hope your shopping trip was a success Viktoria 
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Re: Diary Thursday 6th May
« Reply #29 on: Sunday 09 May 21 11:45 BST (UK) »
After posting previously I thought to mention that you might find memory foam hot. With our hot summer nights I think I would find them too sweaty.  ;D

Something Im not sure if anyone has mentioned is the option of keeping your current mattress and just buying a memory foam topper. If your current mattress is in reasonable condition it might be an easy solution for you. They are fairly thick I think, so you would need to consider whether your current fitted sheet will fit over it. They are not cheap -more expensive than a normal mattress topper.

Alternatively you could buy one for your double bed if you find that is too firm for you.

When you mention that it is difficult to turn over, I find that my clothes stick to the sheets somewhat on memory foam type beds. Difficult to explain, and it might just be me, but its like the body moves but the clothing doesnt, which results in some tangling .... this would not be a problem for naked sleepers of course.  ;)