Author Topic: Private 1649 South Wales Borderers  (Read 163 times)

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Private 1649 South Wales Borderers
« on: Wednesday 12 May 21 10:43 BST (UK) »
Can anyone give me any information on William Henry Davies, born 1895 Nantyglo, Monmouthshire. We believe he served with the South Wales Borders (we were able to see his cap badge but it was blurry)
 The number on the back of his medals says  1649, would this be his service number?
His father was William Davies his mother was Jane Davies.

Hope someone can help


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Re: Private 1649 South Wales Borderers
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 12 May 21 11:26 BST (UK) »
It was indeed.
He received the 15 Star.
The Medal Roll states theatre of war 5C (7/5/15) which is Persia.
He was disembodied 30/3/19 & what this tells you is that he was in a TF Btn.
In 1917 all TF Regts. were given 6 digit numbers & your man became 200249
this according to the BW & V Medal Roll.
The only SWB TF Btn. to serve overseas was the 1/1 Brecknockshire Btn.
& they served in India throughout the war.
This is what the LLT says:
1/1st Brecknockshire Battalion
August 1914 : in Brecon. Part of South Wales Brigade, Welsh Division.
29 October 1914 : left Brigade and sailed from Southampton with the Home Counties Division, arriving Bombay.
3 December 1914 : moved to Aden, arriving 16 December 1914 and coming under orders of the Aden Brigade.
August 1915 : returned to Bombay. Joined Mhow Brigade in 5th (Mhow) Division and remained in India throughout the war.
Warks:Ashford;Cadby;Clarke;Clifford;Cooke Copage;Easthope;
Salop:Easthope,Eddowes,Hoorde,Oteley,Vernon,Talbot,De Neville.
India Kane;Felton;Cadby
Kings of Wessex & Scotland
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Re: Private 1649 South Wales Borderers
« Reply #3 on: Wednesday 12 May 21 11:42 BST (UK) »
Per the 1914-15 Star medal roll he was in 1/1st Brecknockshire Battalion which was in Aden, then India
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