Author Topic: Origins of my Irish ancestors  (Read 983 times)

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Re: Origins of my Irish ancestors
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As Elwyn said about the spelling it was irrelevant back 200 yrs ago many people didn't read/write and so records were written by other people and words formed how they sounded, spelling didn't become important until the majority of people could read/write ( and check how their name was spelt) , sociality had increased in numbers and we all had to fill out forms and that wasn't until later in the 20th century...we are deeply offended now if someone spells our name wrong, back 200 plus years it really wasn't important

Adding to the above, in 1899, the Rev Smith reviewed the early records of Antrim 1st Presbyterian church (covering the years 1674 to c 1736). He noted: “Even the same word is not always spelled alike by the same hand. Indeed spelling with most of the recording officials (and they must have been fairly numerous) was a matter of the most sublime indifference. The name William, for instance, is spelled 3 different ways in as many lines; while Donegore, a neighbouring parish, is spelled 10 different ways; but these extend over a good number of years. Many families names are spelled phonetically, while others are given in the most round-about fashion.”

So expect spelling to vary. That was the norm.

So true, in a tiny village in the smallest county in the middle of England where the same family name is recorded over at least 500 yrs, a surname of Dalby was written in many different spellings not only over those those 500 yrs but in the same decade, in the same parish record book by the same church clerk/vicar
Leicestershire:Chamberlain, Dakin, Wilkinson, Moss, Cook, Welland, Dobson, Roper,Palfreman, Squires, Hames, Goddard, Topliss, Twells,Bacon.
Northamps:Sykes, Harris, Rice,Knowles.
Rutland:Clements, Dalby, Osbourne, Durance, Smith,Christian, Royce, Richardson,Oakham, Dewey,Newbold,Cox,Chamberlaine,Brow, Cooper, Bloodworth,Clarke
Durham/Yorks:Woodend, Watson,Parker, Dowser
Suffolk/Norfolk:Groom, Coleman, Kemp, Barnard, Alden,Blomfield,Smith,Howes,Knight,Kett,Fryston
Lincolnshire:Clements, Woodend

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Re: Origins of my Irish ancestors
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I know nothing about Irish research, but would like to know their county of origin. Any guidance welcome.

Introduction & guidance to Irish family history research.
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As well as spelling variations, take into account that ages may have been estimated or miscalculated.