Author Topic: Death of George W. Decker, 1935 .... in ¿Wyoming?  (Read 181 times)

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Re: Death of George W. Decker, 1935 .... in ¿Wyoming?
« Reply #9 on: Sunday 16 May 21 15:13 BST (UK) »
Thanks, RJ.  Shame they don't mention the Wyoming angle.  I wonder if there's any truth to it?

You're welcome.

I doubt he died in Wyoming or had anything to do with Wyoming.

From the wording of the obit he died in New York. The one clip states he died "this morning". I really doubt morning news from Wyoming would have travelled to New York, to make the afternoon paper there.

Also, the funeral was to take place Wednesday at the Fred Herbst Sons Memorial, which is in Brooklyn. I don't see getting a body from Wyoming, Monday morning, to Brooklyn by 2 pm Wednesday for a funeral service, especially in 1935.

There is a Wyoming, New York that could be a possibility, but that's in the western side of the state.

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Re: Death of George W. Decker, 1935 .... in ¿Wyoming?
« Reply #10 on: Sunday 16 May 21 16:37 BST (UK) »
Yes, I came to the same conclusion - there wasn't time to get the body back from Wyoming so there must be some kind of snafu in the information on the back of the photo.
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