Author Topic: Obituary - Jennie M. Urban, San Francisco, 1970  (Read 149 times)

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Re: Obituary - Jennie M. Urban, San Francisco, 1970
« Reply #9 on: Friday 04 June 21 21:20 BST (UK) »
This clipping doesn't answer your question, but does narrow the time frame down a bit, as well as giving a little more insight into what Jennie was doing. She's listed in a classified ad under "Spiritualism". This same ad ran for several days in October 1933.

She's still listed as "Chapman" as of October 1933. I don't know what I.S.S.A. Adviser is? I see she isn't referred to as "Rev", but another lady further down the Spiritualism ads listed is referred to as "Rev"? This puts her in San Francisco as of 1933. Based on other ads, 111 Mason St., appears to be the address of the Mason Hotel.

 San Francisco Chronicle
Monday, Oct 23, 1933
San Francisco, CA
Page: 25

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Re: Obituary - Jennie M. Urban, San Francisco, 1970
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I had a hunch it was something along those lines.  I think she was going by the name Chapman up to at least 1938.  There was a 1938 city directory listing for Mrs Jennie M. Chapman at 444 Larkin Street, San Francisco which was probably her.  I checked that address in the 1940 census but she wasn't there.

It's difficult to imagine a Chapman getting entangled with a spiritualist but perhaps I'm just overestimating their hard-headedness. And, to be fair to Asel, he did fairly promptly disentangle himself, like those who went before him.  Jennie almost acquired husbands by the six-pack.
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